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On-demand webinar: Time to take full advantage of all things virtual

Emerging technologies invite us all to rethink our ways of working. Volvo Trucks and City of Helsingborg are brave forerunners seeking for digital advantages. Join the webinar to hear their stories.

11.3.2021, Online
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In these exceptional times, many organizations have accelerated their digital investments. We all are encouraged to participate in innovation to stay resilient, keep focus and take a leap forward. 

In this webinar, you have the opportunity to learn how two very different organizations, Volvo Trucks and the City of Helsinborg, use human-technology interaction innovatively having a true impact on their operations and services.

The City of Helsingborg utilizes Artificial Intelligence in several daycare centers and its largest nursing home. For them, the multilingualism of the service environment brings its kind of challenge in everyday activities. The results of using Artificial Intelligence as part of everyday life are encouraging. Virtual Assistants bring joy to the day for children and the elderly, enabling a new kind of sense of independence and inclusiveness.

During the pandemic, Volvo Trucks faced a challenge in bringing a new electric truck to the global market. How to train more than 20,000 mechanicians around the world when neither trainers nor trainees can travel? Volvo Trucks' experience of taking advantage of Virtual Reality, challenges us all to rethink new ways of learning.

If you are interested in learning from real-life cases how digital transformation shapes and changes our ways of working, this webinar is for you.

Time to join inclusive innovation. 

Topics we cover

  • How does human-technology interaction change the way we interact, learn and experience things?
  • Inclusive innovation – what is it, and how to do it successfully?
  • Best practices to ensure people-first and design-driven approach all along
  • Case learnings: L(AI)ban and Britt-Mari virtual assistants in the city of Helsingborg
  • Case learnings: Virtual Reality replacing physical training in Volvo Trucks
  • How to avoid typical stumbling blocks when evaluating use cases for new emerging technologies such as chatbots and virtual reality
  • Learnings from the advantages of a virtual approach
  • How does the future look like?


Tietoevry is one of the Nordics largest digital powerhouses with over 10,000 customers. At the intersection of humans, business and technology we orchestrate the journey of digital transformation and innovation.

Live-cast speakers

Lisa Olsson
Head of Innovation at Helsingborg Stad
Lisa Olsson always scouts for innovations and initiatives that will bring true value for the habitants of Helsingborg. By introducing AI and digital assistance through L(AI)ban and Britt-Mari, Lisa and her team get to improve the everyday life of children in preschool and people in elderly care.
Jessica Lindholm
Manager of Technical Training, Volvo Trucks
Jessica has developed Volvo Trucks' Competence Development function on a long-term basis and successfully exploited the potential of emerging technologies. When the pandemic era began and the challenge was to quickly train workshop technicians globally, she knew how to proceed.
Johan Cruse
Process and Tools manager at Volvo Trucks
Johan Cruse drives the success of Retail Competence Development and Learning systems & platforms for global networks of Volvo Trucks. His passion is simplicity and end-user-focused approach when creating training experiences.
Emmy Hall
Service Designer at TietoEVRY
As a Service Designer, Emmy is always looking for solutions where the user needs are at the core. Working on the projects L(AI)ban and Britt-Mari she explores, experiments and tests solutions that could impact the lives of people and generations at the beginning and end of their lives.
Niclas Hansson
Vice President-Business Transformation, TietoEVRY
Niclas acts as the webinar host. Apart from always telling it like it is, he reflects his experience from the digital world to change the world to the better, one step at the time.

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Niclas Hansson

Head of Strategy, Tietoevry Create Sweden

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