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Release Highlights

Patch version directly caused by one of the Elasticsearch's aggregations (facet) not working properly. Along the way a few recent issues were included.


Bug fixes

  • [FP-809] Broken ElasticDateHistogramFacetFeature after changing ES client
    • Fixed incorrent behaviour of date histogram aggregation (parse_exception: unit [Y] not supported for date math [+1Y])
    • image0962e.png
  • [FP-817] Issue with storing a doc in MongoDB when ID matches the string representation of ObjectID
    • An issue was related to storing a document in MongoDB when the ID matched the string representation of ObjectID - then Index Service had a problem with deserialization.
  • [FP-806] IDs encoding in SinkService
    • The problem with encoding certain IDs e.g. `432;#{DAA9A62B-A6D2-4a97-B374-BA16EF90F29E}` has been solved (new implementation of encoder arrived, previous one is marked as depreceated)
  • [FP-692] Support the situation when blueprints_version.txt is missing
    • Solved the problem / bug related to changelog and the situation when blueprints_version file is missing for configuration as a code
  • [FP-810] Add slf4j-api dependency to plugins in Reference
  • [FP-841] Update base docker image to the latest (



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