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Proconsa Application Suite

Get effective in sales with Proconsa Application Suite CPQ solution

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Intelligence Information Integration

Proconsa Application Suite offers a full suite of tools reflecting the needs of manufacturers/serviceproviders selling through multiple channels. The tools allow you to implement solutions moving product information in an understandable format to all points of sale. The product suite permits you to implement the solutions at various levels in your channels, it may be extended all way out to the end customer, but it may also be implemented at market company level quickly submitting orders to production.
Daniel Karlsson

Senior Project Manager

What is Proconsa Application Suite?

Proconsa Application Suite is created for sales organisations with complex offers. Often manufacturing or service-oriented companies with complex products.

The system ensures that data such as prices, models, equipment, discounts, rules, and constraints are always correct and up to date. During the configuration and proposal generation an interactive control is made every time a selection is made to ensure that the solution can be produced.

  • Ensures the right price for the right product.
  • Control all types of data maintenance.
  • Fast resell of the used equipment.
  • Verify orders before they go into production.
  • Easily connect to your ERP solution.
  • Produce specifications and quotes in the local language.
  • Maintain complex price structures.
  • Provide an automatically generated draft.

Key capabilities

Configure Price Quote

Are your salespersons weighed down with administration? Struggling to get correct prices and configurations for your products or service offers, then the ProSales CPQ will efficiently streamline the process and create more valuable time. ProSales gives the user advanced capabilities in managing the sale of complex products. It ensures that the right product at the right price can be offered and ordered while also ensure maintained margins.

Control all types of product data

ProBuilder is an application to control all types of product structure and maintain the data easily. It can be fed with product data such as models, equipment, properties, markets, rules, and prices from external systems. In cases where there are no good data sources to load from, it is also possible to manually enter product data and build appropriate constraints and rules. Information about products can easily be added and maintained.

Batch validation

FactoryBatch applicatoin is used for large bulks of orders as well as long-run production cycles, the batch validation product is used at the receiving end to check incoming orders and verify them before they go into production. This solution is intended for the organization that does not yet want to extend their solution into their market organizations. It is also an excellent supplement to a production planning system.

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