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Lifecare Lakehouse Analytics - Actionable insights from health data

Lifecare Lakehouse Analytics transforms data for health- and social-care, research projects, and business decision-making – improving patient outcomes, driving innovation and optimising operations.

Lifecare Lakehouse Analytics

Insights for Nordic patient care, research and operational improvement

Lifecare Lakehouse Analytics enables different user groups in the Nordics to make sense of fragmented health data.

Seamlessly integrated with Lifecare Data Platform, the analytics tools help health- and social-care workers to elevate the quality of care and improve patient outcomes. Research groups benefit from streamlined data management, while business decision makers can generate the insights needed to optimise cost of care.

Securely combining data warehousing and data-lake capabilities, Lifecare Lakehouse Analytics is the smart and scalable way to turn complex health data into clear and actionable insights.

Joona Pylkäs

Head of Data & AI, Tietoevry Care

Proven technology backed by experts

Incorporates data from your existing infrastructure

Seamless add-on

Incorporates data from your existing infrastructure

Driven by machine learning and predictive modelling

Advanced analytics

Driven by machine learning and predictive modelling

Builds on industry standards for secondary use of data

Secure and scalable

Builds on industry standards for secondary use of data

Benefits for all user groups

Simplified data management

Lifecare Lakehouse Analytics is a centralised platform to store, access, and manage health data. By eliminating the need to maintain data in separate repositories, data-management process is significantly streamlined.

Flexible data processing

Perform traditional structured queries and advanced analytics operations on the same platform. This flexibility enables users to transform raw data into actionable insights, derive meaningful patterns, and generate predictive models.

Scalable and cost effective

The platform supports growing volumes of data without compromising performance. Eliminating the need for legacy data warehousing and processing tools reduces both complexity and costs.

Enhanced data security

Lakehouse Analytics incorporates robust security measures – including encryption, access controls, and compliance frameworks – to protect data against unauthorized access and breaches.

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