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Solution-based mental coaching enables reaching full potential

Would you like to support mental wellbeing of your employees to reach better results? Would you like to feel better in your work life? If so,solution-based mental coaching is something to consider.

Jatta Koskinen / January 30, 2024
Digital HR Insights Community

Today’s working life seems to be putting more strain on people than ever. In 2019, Statistics Finland published news on Working Life in Digital Age and stated that the importance of work is greater than ever for Finns while both time pressure and coping problems are on the rise.

Since then we’ve faced COVID which has put another kind of strain on people’s wellbeing. I personally have tried to turn this experience into an opportunity.

Inspired by my goddaughter’s basketball team, I have started the studies to become a trained solution-based mental coach. Let me shed some light on what solution-based mental coaching is, and how it could benefit yours and your employees´ wellbeing, and subsequently the business.

Similar to physical skills, also mental and mind skills can – and should – be developed. Mental coaching is low threshold support for any topic and a process where two experts meet as equals, where the coach is a solution-based process expert, and the customer is an expert on his/her own life. Coaching supports an individual to learn, identify, and use own resources to reach the desired outcome, goals or wishes. Solution-based approach enables this learning process to be fast, permanent, practical, and realistic.

From problem to solution and future focused approach

The key of the solution-based mental coaching (later in this blog referred to as coaching) is in the focus on solutions and reaching goals instead of analyzing problems. Mental coaching in general is about increasing overall wellbeing while developing mental and mind skills to succeed in any important situation – be it personal life, work life or for instance a competition situation for an athlete. In solution-based approach we look for opportunities in challenging situations and utilize the individual’s own strengths and resources. The target of the coaching process is to eliminate the need for a coach in the end. Coaching session topics can be for instance:

  • Concentration
  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Relaxation and recovery
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Self awareness and wellbeing
  • People and emotional skills
  • Processing failure
  • Competition or stage fright
  • Team / group values, atmosphere, strengthening team spirit
  • Other topics which may support individual wellbeing and achieving important things for oneself

Solution-based mental coaching can support goal setting and gets the client forward towards a solution via concrete steps instead of spending time in focusing on problems. It enables us to give up old patterns of thinking and define our problems as goals. It is driving motivation and efficiency. On the team level it can support team spirit and working atmosphere. Or it can bring new insights to leadership. No matter is too big or small.


Genuine presence with following specified process results into great learnings

The cornerstone of coaching is in an appreciative interaction. Coach should genuinely listen, be mindful, open, flexible, trusting, and trustworthy. For a client the mental coaching is about developing as a human being, about being heard and seen, and about the possibility to reflect own thoughts and feelings. Coach is there to raise insights, expanding horizon and to increase understanding about oneself and others. Everything starts with not knowing attitude and empathy of the coach who has a genuine interest towards the individual experiences and willingness to ask more to understand. In coaching, each customer is met, accepted, and valuable, as they are. This type of interaction has a significant impact on a person.

The process of solution-based mental coaching includes creation of the foundation for co-operation, setting targets and goals, strengthening motivation, increasing mindfulness, and expanding the point of view, concretizing the change, and process summary. There are different tools to use to support the process and to make things more clear and ‘visible’ for the individual. Tools include changing the point of view, making strengths visible, focusing on positive, utilizing social networks, focusing on future, acceptance and commitment therapy etc.

Solution orientation is not just a theory or a method, it can be considered to be a way to view the world, to think, to live in the world and to be in an interaction or relation with others or our surroundings. I have myself gone through multiple single coaching sessions as a client, and every single time I come out with new insights. As a coach, I have been covering a wide range of topics in the client sessions, and received very positive feedback on the process:“ I found the whole exercise engrossing and enlightening. It was presented excellently, and I came away feeling as though I have learnt something which is so practical that I can start the implementation of the same in day to day life.” One other client has even commented that a single solution-based coaching session has provided more support and understanding than a series of meetings with a work psychologist. This individual experience may show how valuable mental oriented coaching may in some cases be.

Did you find an inspiration in this blog? Do you care about your employee experience and wellbeing? Our team of HR technology professionals is here to help you improve the employee work life and your company efficiency by enabling you to use the full potential of market-leading Human Capital Management solutions. Learn more about our products and services.

Jatta Koskinen
Head of HCM CloudBorn Nordics

Jatta is Solution oriented people person meeting everyone with empathy and respect. Striving for collaboration and inclusiveness and leading to perform as a people manager. Has been working in the field of solution development for 20 years with responsibilities ranging from project management and process owner to consultant, people management and leadership roles and now starting the work also as a solution oriented mental coach.


Jatta Koskinen

Head of HCM CloudBorn Nordics

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