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Ensuring digital resilience- why it matters and how we do it

How do we harness new technology for the benefit of society?

Sigrun Hansen Bock / October 02, 2023

The Nordics are among the leading countries in the world when it comes to the digitization of society's infrastructure. We have come a long way, but we still have significant ambitions to harness new technology for the benefit of society.

However, this strong focus on reaping the opportunities of information technology has not created a corresponding awareness of the risks that come with digitization, nor the ever-evolving threats that we, as a society, expose ourselves to.

One important prerequisite is that the IT industry and, to an even greater extent, politicians are putting IT security on the agenda. The path to achieving this involves establishing a common understanding. We need a shared starting point that tells us where we are and how we can strengthen our digital resilience, where we also can provide insight into what should be prioritized in this effort.

We need a better understanding of what it means to be a digitized society. What dangers and threats can jeopardize us because of inadequate IT security or preparedness, or because we have not prioritized securing infrastructure that we are entirely dependent on. Together, we must be able to look beyond technology as a tool and focus more on the values our society is built upon, whether we are talking about physical assets or our level of trust and transparency.

Collaboration presupposes that there are partners to collaborate with. Right now, we are facing a shortage of thousands of IT security specialists in the Nordic countries. This is a challenge for the authorities as much as it is for us in the business world and at Tietoevry. We need collaboration in the development and financing of educational programs, as well as management of the expertise that graduates possess.

For this to happen, the government must provide an adequate number of educational positions. We are not there today. Furthermore, the business sector within Nordic companies must be willing to pay for hiring and developing these highly educated individuals. IT security expertise comes at a cost.

In this area as well, common understanding and public dialogue are crucial in developing a comprehensive strategy to ensure that we educate, manage, and utilize the expertise we need. Together, we possess knowledge about the threat landscape and the need for competence, insight, and experience. Which, when combined, will provide a sustainable foundation for developing world-class expertise.

We can no longer say that we do not know. Both the business sector and the authorities have enough knowledge about the digital threat landscape and how it is evolving to implement the necessary security measures. Even against threats that have not yet materialized. This requires us to work together, and we must do it now.

Sigrun Hansen Bock
Head of Cybersecurity Services


Sigrun Hansen Bock

Head of Cybersecurity Services

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