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Are you embracing the Cyber Civic Duty?

In today's digital age, how familiar are you with cybersecurity, and how do you compare yourself to others? Have you ever found yourself giving digital safety tips to friends, family, or colleagues?

Joni Tuovinen / October 27, 2023

As modern systems become more complex, the cybercrime industry continues to grow. That is why individual cyber literacy is an essential skill for everyone.

Security is a concern for all of us in our ever-evolving digital world. We cannot afford to assume that all applications and systems are inherently secure. We need to recognize that additional measures are often required and that the responsibility for defending against cyber threats does not lie solely with the government or business. 

In the spirit of Cyber Security Awareness Month, I would like to introduce you to the Cyber Civic Duty campaign which is run in partnership with various companies and organizations in Finland. This initiative aims to redefine how we talk about security and make it more accessible to everyone. It focuses on protecting those close to us, including children, teenagers, seniors, and adults, by highlighting 12 concrete ways to improve online safety.

Cyber Civic Duty is about small actions with a significant impact. Select one of the twelve Cyber Duties and follow the instructions to complete them. Read more about the Cyber Civic Duty campaign here.

Cyber duties can range from reminding your friends to update their Apple devices when you hear about an iOS vulnerability, to updating your passwords regularly. Taking a moment to enable multi-factor authentication when creating a new account or occasionally sharing relevant security posts is also part of this initiative. It is also important to educate your children about the potential consequences of oversharing online.

What makes the Cyber Civic Duty initiative special is the involvement of companies like us, which are at the forefront of this effort. We believe that promoting cybersecurity awareness is not only a responsibility, but a collective duty, and we are proud to be part of this initiative.

The initiative goes beyond mere awareness with special campaigns such as Digital Cleanup Week, encouraging individuals and organizations to take proactive steps to secure their digital lives and businesses. In an age where cyber threats are prevalent and evolving, it is our collective responsibility to protect ourselves, and those around us.

By embracing our Cyber Civic Duty, we can foster a safer and more secure digital world for everyone.


Read more here in Finnish: Kansalaiskyberteot rakentavat tasa-arvoista ja turvallista digimaailmaa (

Joni Tuovinen
Cybersecurity Awareness Specialist

Joni lives for security. His journey in the field started with a desire to help people, and over the years he has developed a knack for all things security. Joni has been with Tietoevry since May 2023 and joined the company through the graduate programme.


Joni Tuovinen

Cybersecurity Awareness Specialist

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