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It pays off to choose an SAP S/4HANA assessment

Many SAP customers need to consider ERP renewal as one of their biggest ICT investments over the next decade.

Jouko Juuti / June 30, 2023

We have learned from our customers that careful preparation work is an effective approach to obtaining management approval for transitioning to S/4HANA. Our S/4HANA assessment is a productized S, M and L sized offering to all customers.

Regardless of the customer's size, there are certain aspects that are common across all assessments. All the deliverables in our S/4HANA assessment are aimed at achieving tangible cost savings during the actual request for proposal (RFP) and project phases:​

  • The S/4HANA project will be efficient, as the majority of decisions are made during the assessment phase.
  • The future scope of the S/4HANA​ implementation will be well-defined and aligned with relevant business requirements.
  • You will get a comprehensive understanding of how to integrate or replace other systems as part of our assessment process.
  • Our assessment enables a better fit with the RFP, allowing implementation partners to provide accurate estimations without the need for risk margins in unclear areas.​

Based on the chosen S, M, or L package, the following deliverables are achieved through efficient workshops facilitated by professionals using readymade templates:

  1. Project plan for assessment
  2. Business requirements
  3. S/4HANA Business Impact Assessment
  4. The technical ability to implement S/4HANA through SAP readiness check, SCMON / UPL monitoring, custom code analyses and a technical view to required changes
  5. Future solution architecture including mandatory changes needed for achieving business requirements and business value impacts
  6. Process reviews and recommendations for changes: L1, L2, and L3 process documentation of the SAP use with S/4HANA
  7. RFP documentation for S/4HANA scope and requirements
  8. S/4HANA project implementation approach and roadmap (Greenfield, BLUEFIELD™ vs Brownfield) including data migration complexity views
  9. S/4HANA project governance model
  10. S/4HANA project cost estimate
  11. S/4HANA project qualitative business case, which showcases the value of SAP S/4HANA innovations​ for future strategic capabilities
  12. Final project report

One of our success stories last year was the SAP S/4HANA assessment carried out for Valio, a large dairy & food manufacturer and distribution company with wholesale operations in Finland, Sweden, USA, the Baltics and China.

S/4HANA assessement for Valio

Valio needed well defined scope and initial solution for their S/4HANA journey. We helped customer and delivered four months long S/4HANA assessment for the main process areas.


  • Business critical SAP ERP 6.0 systems for manufacturing, internal logistics, outbound logistics, wholesale, procurement, plant maintenance and finance required well defined target state for SAP S/4HANA journey.
  • End of maintenance of SAP ERP 2027-2030
  • Need to merge several ERPs and harmonize operations
  • IT seen as key contributor for efficient operations for traceability, wholesale, logistics and manufacturing


  • We conducted 4 months long S/4HANA assessment for the main process areas:
    • Order to Cash
    • Demand to Supply
    • Procure to Pay
    • Finance
    • Plant Maintenance

  • To define future scope and initial S/4HANA solution and most important integration to other systems
  • Evaluation of possible implementation approaches (Brownfield, BLUEFIELD™, Greenfield)

Key benefits

  • As-Is solutions, customer requirements and S/4HANA capabilities “merged” as
    • To-Be S/4HANA scope and main integrations to other systems
    • Implementation approach and roadmap

  • Clear scope and implementation approach for RFP phase
  • Customer learned Tietoevry capabilities and way of working
  • Target scope and roadmap defined for S/4HANA journey
  • Ready RFP documentation for potential suppliers
  • Business case created together
  • Project governance model


Eager to know more?

Jouko Juuti
Lead Enterprise Architect

As Lead Enterprise Architect at Tietoevry, Jouko is in charge of sales support and developing the service offering for manufacturing customers. He has participated in the planning and completing of IT systems that optimally serve the different business lines of manufacturing companies for over 20 years. Jouko has worked in various roles in business IT and has been involved in sales, product development, consulting, process development, as well as different managerial positions.

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