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Level up your financial planning

The ability to plan based on relevant data makes you ready for any business scenario and gives you a competitive advantage. How does Workday Adaptive Planning help to handle your financial planning?

Olga Korne / April 27, 2023
Digital HR Insights Community

Everything moves thanks to data and information in modern times; knowledge is power, especially in the business environment. Consequently, it is necessary to have the best ways to manage and control it.

Planning is one of the essential processes in any successful organization. However, how much room for improvement is there when one always follows only the existing, safe, but perhaps a bit rigid procedure? It is crucial not only to have planning processes finalized on time but also to do it correctly. Understandably, making changes to your processes can be demanding, feel risky, as well as require specific expertise and time. The world nowadays makes us run and not stay in the same place. Let´s keep an open mind to learn about the most modern ways and innovative practices that exist in the market to have a better look into your company’s future.

What is most important when you plan finances?

Is it the possibility to compare outcomes vs. actual data and follow up on different scenarios? Ability to quickly track changes and easy usage of tools? User-friendly financial and management reporting possibilities? Broad data access for trend analysis? The good news is that Workday is a platform that covers all these needs and more.


imagebp5te.pngConfigurable dashboards enable you to quickly analyze up-to-date data at any time


Let me introduce to you the Workday Adaptive Planning for Finance, a planning platform that works based on the 3C principle – being Collaborative, Comprehensive and Continuous – helping 6000+ customers worldwide. With its so-called active planning, you will have easy access to actual data ensuring fast decision-making. Additionally, the process works as a cycle with steps like modelling, monitoring, reporting, and analyzing, which ensures always being up-to-date and flexible.




Is Adaptive suitable for my organization?

Workday Adaptive Planning, a dynamic and agile platform with a systematic approach, offers support in the modern digital environment. In fact, it suits any company regardless of different challenges and backgrounds. You don’t have to worry about any limitations in the tool – it allows you to view and analyze data in any necessary dimensions, time periods, currencies, and what-if scenarios without a compromise. Workday Adaptive Planning can interact with various cloud and on-premise sources including GL, ERP, CRM and HR systems, data warehouses and other custom applications. As a modern and flexible solution, it helps you do the planning while saving time for meaningful tasks like data analysis, research, negotiations and decision-making, rather than handling manual and routine processes. With the flexible and dynamic planning process, you can make the model as simple or as detailed as you like. As your company develops and grows, the models can evolve with your business and adapt to its newest state.




With Workday Adaptive Planning you can analyze data from various sources.


Workday Adaptive Planning is designed as a self-service tool – to be used by any user. Even non-finance people feel comfortable in the planning process when using Adaptive. There are many features and built-in solutions to cover your needs for reporting, analyzing and data visualization. Regardless of the IT skill level of the users, changes and corrections can be performed via user-friendly and interactive functionalities, e.g., drag-and-drop and one-click updates, based on the current and future requirements. There is no need to search for third-party tools – Adaptive Planning will serve you best. However, it also supports the usage of other tools. For example, for extracting your data to Excel or detailed reporting via the OfficeConnect add-in.


imagevg896.pngThe intuitive design supports self-service


After Adaptive Planning implementation, your company will benefit from instant results such as multiple issue resolution, immediate access to granular and accurate insights of your financials and simplified technology adaptation. When the existing customers adopted Adaptive Planning, they were impressed by the solution and its many advantages - data accuracy, ease of use, quick decision-making, improved speed and transparency - were mentioned in the positive feedback. Planning and analytic goals will be achieved with much less effort and time, which will make a great impact on your company’s efficiency. Moreover, the gains are not limited to mere organization as structure. Individuals will also value the solution which decreases the workload while bringing opportunities to improve work-life balance, better collaboration and engagement, and increased trust and confidence across all the teams.

Sounds too good to be true?

Book a demo with one of Tietoevry´s Workday Adaptive Planning experts today. We look forward to discussing what would be the best solution and services to help you achieve your planning goals. Contact us via the contact form above for any inquiries or questions. Visit our Workday page for more information about Tietoevry´s Workday Services.


Olga Korne
Finance Solution Consultant

Olga is certified in Workday Adaptive Planning and Workday Finance Procure to Pay and Record to Report. She has experience in different finance areas and consulting to multiple clients in Media, Telecommunications and IT.


Olga Korne

Finance Solution Consultant

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