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How can Data Platform improve Customer Insights?

We help you to interpret Customer Insights and turn them into valuable and actionable knowledge for the improvement of products and services.

Ewa Wollschläger / April 05, 2023

Today´s market is very much digitized and still, we are searching and aiming for more areas where this could be applied. The beneficial is that it has become easier to collect insights from customers.

From a company perspective, this is one way how to use data collected from online activities to understand customer behavior, preferences, and needs. Further on, the ability to create marketing campaigns, optimize offerings and develop new coveted services.

Insights don’t always come together quickly or easily when developing ideas and concepts. Mostly, it takes a great effort of time just to get them articulated. Thinking about it, my feeling is that they have to be compelling, without being preachy, and truthful without being too obvious or presumptuous to succeed.

What is then the definition of Customer Insight?

A deep truth about the customer based on their behavior, experiences, beliefs, needs or desires, that is relevant to the task or issue and rings a bell with target people.

What is a good Insight?

Digging deeper into the work with Customer Insight is more or less like peeling an onion. Removing the layers one by one and going deeper and deeper exploring the goals the corporates have? Do they see any key activities to reach the goals? Drivers, are those related to being more cost-efficient or something else? Do they see any concerns or obstacles to being able to reach their goals? Which stakeholders need to be involved in in-depth discussions? How can we within the Data Platform make these stakeholders become heroes at their end? If only doing standard market research, it becomes quantitative and you will most likely find yourself on the outer layers of the onion instead of qualitative understanding of the current situation by digging deeper, as when you peel the onion, layer by layer.

Data Platforms role?

So where to begin? Within Data Platform, we have a long experience in digitalization message flows e.g. the financial messaging area, e-Invoicing, supply chain, and energy messages. This journey started in the late 80s and if I make a brief reflection on where we are today, a great deal is the impact of market-based discoveries by listening and taking advantage of customer behavior, needs, and experiences. Today's society is in a development phase where digitization plays an essential role.

Do Customer Insight impact innovation?

Yes, of course! These insights are effective and create a guiding path that we interpret and turn into valuable and actionable knowledge for the improvements of our products and services.

How do you see this?

I´m curious!

Don´t hesitate to contact me for further discussion.

Ewa Wollschläger
Product Enablement & Marketing Manager

Ewa Wollschläger is a Lead Product Manager within BIX (Business Information Exchange) and has been at Tietoevry for 7 years. Before joining Tietoevry she worked at a similar company within the same services in different roles e.g. sales, business development, concept owner, and strategic company topics. The interest in digitalization has for many years been a big driver to help customers reach their corporate goals in this area so they can focus on their own core business.


Ewa Wollschläger

Product Enablement & Marketing Manager

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