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Your best talent attracts the best applicants

Workday Recruitment helps you to make data-driven decisions to acquire the right talent to take care of your business.

Viivi Kaikkonen / March 29, 2023
Digital HR Insights Community

The competition for attracting skilled and motivated employees is hot right now. Reaching the right applicants from outside and inside the company is vital for employers. Let me describe how Workday Recruiting can help you with acquiring talent.

Like many other workers in the past couple of years, I have recently decided to leave my previous position and change to a new job - to Tietoevry in my case. In the United States, they are talking about The Great Resignation, Big Quit, and the Great Reshuffle. In other parts of the world and Europe workers are also willing to change their jobs more often than before. For you, as an employer, this has created and continues to create pressure on making sure your employees are happy and will want to stay in their jobs.

Promote internal mobility for continuous career growth

The lack of career growth has been identified as one of the most important reasons for leaving a job. Internal career opportunities are a great way to make sure employees have a chance to develop and move forward inside the company. Workday takes the latest trends into account when they continuously develop enhancements to their HCM internal mobility features. The good-looking internal postings or easy-to-use Jobs Hub, where employees can find all the job postings and their applications, are not the main reasons for a person to stay or leave a company, but it certainly helps to boost internal mobility, and offers professional growth. It is always more appealing to apply for an internal job if it is easy to find and easy to apply for. Workday simplifies the internal application experience for example by auto-filling the applicant's contact information, experience and education information. An intuitive internal application process will help you keep your excellent workers inside the company.


Offering the best experience from recruiter through candidate to employee

Workday's Talent Marketplace and Recruitment Hub are among the features enabling the hiring teams to recruit the best candidates. Workday is continuously enhancing the recruiting process for recruiters. For example, the new communication and collaboration features to improve decision-making for recruiting teams are among the announced development themes for Workday´s next releases.

In addition to the internal mobility features, the frictionless and intuitive candidate experience makes applying for jobs through Workday smooth also for external candidates. Workday is keeping the candidate experience and application flow fresh and easy with regular enhancements. To fit your company's needs, there are plenty of possibilities to customize the experience for your applicants. You have the opportunity to further customize and enhance your recruiting with Workday Candidate Engagement, which provides analytics and possibilities to create recruiting campaigns and tailored landing pages.

Encourage your workers to recommend new talent

When looking for new employees outside the company, referrals from your existing employees are a great way to get suitable candidates. Many companies like to use a referral bonus if the referred candidate gets hired. Workday supports a referring function, so employees can easily refer their friends or former colleagues to your job openings and bring in new talent. When referring, employees can use Jobs Hub to see their referrals in one place.

If there is anything vital to attracting and retaining talent, it is the employee experience. Workday is helping in creating an excellent one. Besides promoting transparency and self-service, Workday has also introduced Peakon Employee Voice. This tool is nothing like the passive employee survey you´ve seen in your inbox before. With Peakon you can make sure employees' voices are heard, and data-driven insights enable you to take action based on employee input.

Employees are a company's greatest asset. It is the people who make the company. Taking care of your people is an important part of your success and we are looking forward to discussing how Workday and Tietoevry can help you in recruiting and retaining the best people.

Viivi Kaikkonen
HCM Solution Consultant

Viivi Kaikkonen has 3+ years of experience in recruiting and HR with a background in social and health care and social science. She is an enthusiastic HCM Solution Consultant certified in Workday HCM Core and specialised in Recruiting. 


Viivi Kaikkonen

HCM Solution Consultant

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