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ChatGPT will change work faster than expected

Since its launch in November 2022, the chatbot has revolutionised our understanding of communicating with computers.

Samuel Tenhunen / January 25, 2023

ChatGPT is like a child learning incredibly fast, the long-term impacts of the technology take time to determine. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that this “prototype” GPT-3 could already be utilised in business with caution.

Topics around ChatGPT are popping up in our social media feeds almost daily. Its natural language processing (NLP) is top-notch – and available in Finnish.

My expertise lies in digital marketing and the development of sales capabilities, which is why I have compiled a list of how ChatGPT will soon aid marketing, sales and customer service.

Content production

Some wonder if ChatGPT will eventually replace content creators since it can produce quality text. But this won’t happen for a while, although the bot can boost content production. If used properly, the chatbot can already create content such as sales letters or automated emails. When it comes to contextual articles, it could also assist with background research and perhaps provide tips on how to improve the content.

Since the bot doesn’t know how to insert source references, its content should be reviewed carefully. ChatGPT is a search engine tool that’s highly sophisticated compared to Google, but at its best, it can create polished text for almost any purpose.

SEO optimisation

Even though ChatGPT is not an SEO tool, it can read texts and give recommendations on improving search engine findability, for example. It can edit texts based on its research engine findability suggestions but be mindful: search engines have been taught to recognise machine-generated texts and rank the content lower in these cases. The chatbot can suggest keywords and structural changes if the questions are specific enough.

CRM and boosting marketing automation

ChatGPT promises that it can easily be integrated into different systems, although I’m unaware whether anyone has incorporated it as a part of an existing CRM or marketing automation. Still, Zapier, for instance, has an OpenAI integration, with API documentation available directly from OpenAI’s website.

Its potential integration could significantly improve the processing of information and automation. For example, ChatGPT can analyse contact data, create segments, process performance data and complete missing information. When the pioneers are brave enough to test the limits in practice and share their insights, we’ll better understand what ChatGPT can achieve.

Smarter chatbots

ChatGPT is a bot, but the more it utilises data, the more personified answers it can produce. The language processing of ChatGPT is highly evolved, which is why you don’t need to create response paths, and teaching it is not required like with traditional bots. Based on a few ChatGPT tests, the Finnish texts it produces aren’t always perfect and often use repetitive expressions. But otherwise, it significantly beats other chatbots.

Processing of client contacts

Customer service repeatedly receives the same technical questions, while online information banks and website FAQ sections are often used to boost customer service further. But looking for the right piece of information like this can be frustrating. ChatGPT could answer questions effortlessly, reduce contacts made to customer service centres and improve the customer experience. If the first answer isn’t satisfactory, the bot can continue the conversation and ensure that the person obtains the information required.

A turning point in search engine advertising?

It will be fascinating to see what change the data that ChatGPT produces will bring to search engine advertising. Right now, Google’s revenue is based on people who search and then browse websites before returning to the search engine to find more relevant results while viewing ads. If a bot can provide reliable answers quickly, search engine advertising will lose customers, requiring the whole model to be reinvented.

ChatGPT’s monetisation model is still unclear, but there have been discussions of it becoming part of the Bing search engine and other Microsoft tools. Soon we’ll see what this means in practice.

Samuel Tenhunen
Senior Growth Advisor, Tietoevry Create

Samuel works as a Senior Growth Advisor at Tietoevry Create´s Digital Growth team. He has a long career in marketing and sales, and he specialises in developing digital capabilities in business.


Samuel Tenhunen

Senior Growth Advisor, Tietoevry Create

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