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Identity Driven Security: Service embedded identity solutions delivered as APIs

Mobile-first strategy allows service providers to create and own their user journeys while complying with the highest security standard. All without relying on third party identity schemes.

Kayser Hasanjan / December 12, 2022

In only two years, identity fraud has increased tenfold. According to experts, fraudsters have become more inventive and speculative. With the growing focus on protecting the customers, much of the risk will fall upon the banks.

The new and improved identity framework

Identity driven security is a collective expression for our identity framework that will cover a full-fledged identity journey for an end-user, from the moment the customer onboarding is initiated until the customer sign a loan agreement and every step in between.
With a strong focus on delivering these solutions service embedded as APIs and SDKs, we can offer to build the solutions directly into the existing apps that our bank-customers are using. This will enable service providers to own the entire customer journey and design the customer interfaces as they see fit. We maintain safety standards and ensure that our solutions are complaint and in accordance with the regulatory requirements.
We have chosen to break down the Identity Suite into three sections. Identity proofing, authentication and electronic signing, together these will cover a full-fledged identity journey. Our new identity framework will facilitate growth and scalability through increased support for self-service and automation.
In Financial Crime Prevention we have been improving our solutions to reflect the ever-changing landscape and to provide our customers the right tools to tackle these challenges.
See the below illustration for an overview of how the three solution areas can be of relevance in a full-fledged identity journey.

Watch our on-demand webinars on Identity Driven Security

Watch our pre-recorded presentation, available both in English and Norwegian/Swedish, for a deep dive into our solutions and how we can provide you with the right tools to meet the challenges around identity.

Watch the webinar in English


Watch the webinar in Nowegian/Swedish



Kayser Hasanjan
Sales Manager

Since 2021, Kayser has focused on digital identity solutions and financial crime prevention. He is passionate about creating collaborative relationships with customers to develop solutions that make the most out of Tietoevry's offering and the customers' data. 

Bjørn Annaniassen
Lead Business Developer, Financial Crime Prevention, Tietoevry Banking

Bjørn Annaniassen is Lead Business Developer in Financial Crime Prevention at Tietoevry Banking. He has 20 years experience in international sales and business development, whereof the last decade has been dedicated to the digital identity space through various roles in China, Sweden and Norway. In his current role, he is balancing technical, legal and commercial aspects to deliver flexible, scalable and futureproof identity services.


Kayser Hasanjan

Sales Manager

Bjørn Annaniassen

Lead Business Developer, Financial Crime Prevention, Tietoevry Banking

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