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At Tietoevry, the only thing required is a hunger to learn

One thing I have learned in my 11-and-a-half years here – if you are ready to accept the challenge and take new responsibilities, then the possibilities are endless.

Rakesh Singh / June 20, 2022

At Tietoevry, I have seen with my very own eyes a trainee being offered a leadership position in just 2-3 years. Something like that would be unimaginable anywhere else.

But if you are deserving and smart and have a good understanding of the business – why not? This is the one thing I have learned in my tenure here – if you are ready to accept a challenge and take on new responsibilities, your growth is unlimited.

New challenge every two years

I started as a senior developer in 2010. But funnily enough, around every two years, I've found myself playing a different role. Not intentionally, I have just said ‘yes’ to every new opportunity I was given. So, before my current position, I was at first a programmer, then an architect, then a solution architect, and finally a global solution head. I’ve moved countries and offices several times and still love it here.

Moreover, I was not always an expert right from the beginning. To be fair, most of the time I actually had almost no idea what I was going to do. But I love to learn. And to this day, lifelong learning is the thing that keeps me going. Often customers have challenging requirements for which we need to propose solutions. If I don't have the existing knowledge to achieve that, then I go and do my research and try to understand. I love finding solutions.

This applies to anyone who wants to join us at Tietoevry Transform – the only thing required is a hunger to learn. Skills are cheap – you can acquire them easily. But the attitude must be right.

Extraordinary work culture

There are things outside work that I’ve only been able to do because Tietoevry promotes growth and the work-life balance. For example, I have taken up running, because I have time for that now. In my previous company, when I left at 6.30 pm, colleagues would ask “Why are you leaving so early?” Now they ask “Why are you leaving so late?”.

In addition, my son was born around the same time I joined the company. He is now 10 and hasn't seen me working anywhere else, while his mother has changed employer a few times. We have been growing together all this while and, in a way, Tietoevry has been a part of my family.


We are recruiting. Give life to your inner Transformer. Join Tietoevry Transform.

Rakesh Singh
Head of API and Integrations, Tietoevry Tech Services

Rakesh joined Tietoevry in 2010 as a developer and since then he has grown within the company at the speed of light. In his free time, Rakesh loves also challenges and breakings myths - he has managed to unite successfully his two controversial hobbies bodybuilding and marathon running.


Rakesh Singh

Head of API and Integrations, Tietoevry Tech Services

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