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Boost customer service with cloud

The Contact Center of Helsinki-apu was created in just three days.

Mikko Tavi / March 18, 2022

Tietoevry and Genesys Cloud Contact Center held a breakfast seminar. The topics included modernising customer service via cloud services and Contact Center’s benefits to customer service.

These days, customers’ needs and expectations change rapidly, and customer experiences are often compared. The growth of digital services continues, and as much as 85% of contacts will be virtual in 2022.

Customer service needs have become more versatile, and customer service consists of various components - there are numerous service channels, and customers expect to receive assistance through a channel that is the easiest for them. Genesys and Tietoevry’s customer service teams offer solutions to this kind of needs.

“Genesys’s vision is to combine all essential features and services into one platform. Cloud service makes providing customer service more flexible. Services can be deployed quicker, and it is faster to develop them if necessary,” says Kari Nokkala, the Principal Solution Consultant, Genesys.

Tietoevry Create has been Genesys’s partner for many years, and together we have carried out Contact Center and customer service projects for multiple clients in different industries. In addition to customer service solutions, we offer service process design, e-service implementation and customer experience consulting.

Here are some of the benefits Genesys Cloud offers to its customers:

  • Continuous development cycle
  • Faster deployment of innovations
  • Always up to date – no maintenance breaks
  • Lower total costs
  • Modern and fault-tolerant architecture
  • Integrated user interface for all stakeholders

The cloud service architecture can also be scaled flexibly according to the size of the organisation. The smallest customer service organisation that uses Genesys Cloud consists of ten people, while the largest is Uber with over 25,000 customer service agents. Remote work is also a key issue when discussing cloud services. It does not matter whether the staff works from home or is based at the office.

Customer success story: How quickly can a Contact Center be set up from scratch?

When COVID-19 hit Finland in spring 2020, society encouraged the elderly to stay home in quarantine as they were at higher risk of the virus. The situation was exceptional, which is why Helsinki-apu was established. Via Helsinki-apu, senior citizens over 70 were able to buy food and medicine with home delivery and receive emotional and spiritual support. A Contact Center was needed.

Tiina Hörkkö,Director, Helsinki-apu, talks about setting up a Contact Center from scratch in a tight schedule and exceptional circumstances. Once the co-operation with Genesys had started, the first Helsinki-apu phone calls were made in less than a week. One key aspect in the success of Helsinki-apu was that they did not only answer phone calls but also made calls.

“We started off in a situation where the people being trained for the job did not even know what Contact Center was! That was the starting point for our training. Meanwhile, the actual CC was set up in three days. During this process, it took more time to train people for the job than setting up the Contact Center,” Hörkkö recalls.

The project involved a great deal of work. There were numerous different contracts and commitments, equipment purchases, training and taking care of data protection agreements. According to Hörkkö, setting up the actual Contact Center was the simplest part.

“I remember thanking Genesys and saying that we were quite the heroes for being able to do this in three days. Kari answered that we would not even have needed three days – we could have done it in two! This is a notable example of how quickly things can be achieved,” Hörkkö says.

Cloud-native customer service solutions

Mikko Tavi, Head of Customer Service at Tietoevry, says that cloud-native customer service solutions have revolutionised the world of Contact Centers.

“The benefits of modern cloud-based contact centers and customer service solutions are not limited to speed and agility, but it is also easy to integrate other data sources on the services. Today, our customers emphasise cloud-native solutions and the more agile responsiveness they bring to business needs."

Tietoevry's customer service team assists with all operational planning and digitalisation projects related to customer experience, customer service and Contact Centers. Contact us for more information!

Mikko Tavi
Head of Customer Service Area Solutions, Tietoevry Create

Mikko has over 20 years of experience working with various digital services. He enjoys being part of a team that builds innovative and easy to use digital services for everyday needs. Mikko thinks that Tietoevry Create is a great place to work: “We have a very diverse and highly knowledgeable people from different digital service areas and also the working culture is very relaxed.”



Mikko Tavi

Head of Customer Service Area Solutions, Tietoevry Create

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