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The perfect mix: Working on passion projects and supported to continually develop

Giselda loves to work as a consultant and in the retail industry, especially on SAP modernization projects. Tietoevry is the perfect place for her to do just that.

Giselda Autio / March 01, 2022

Giselda loves to work as a consultant and in the retail industry, especially on SAP modernization projects. Tietoevry is the perfect place for her to do just that.

My career was kickstarted in the logistics field while studying for my Master’s Degree. I have always been interested in different things such as psychology and international business. I chose to study international business because I thought it would bring me a variety of career opportunities. One thing that is good to note is that I don’t have a technical background through my studies. However, later I have become very excited about technology after realising through my work how inseparable business and technology actually are.

After a few years of analyst work in the logistics industry, I started considering other options and found out that consulting really appealed to me. I applied for a job at a technology consulting company and started working as an SAP analyst. My career journey continued towards a Consultant and Consulting Manager role within the company. Fast pace, continuous learning, and complex projects sparked my interest in the consulting business. I believe that these are the things that still after ten years keep me motivated.

When I joined Tietoevry, more than one year ago, I noticed immediately that I was surrounded by a very welcoming work culture. I was also impressed by the company’s diversity and sustainability initiatives and goals. These were also the things that influenced my decision to join Tietoevry.

Motivated by continuously developing technology and SAP modernization projects

I feel that my current role as an SAP Lead (retail) combines perfectly my skills and ambitions. I’m really excited to have an opportunity to work with the biggest retail companies in the Nordics. Personally, this is one of the most important things for me because I’m specialized in the retail industry and now I’m able to work with the major players in this industry. It’s also a factor that makes Tietoevry stand out in the market.

As an SAP Lead my role consists of working as an SAP expert in client projects but also as a People Manager for a team of 15 SAP Consultants. Our team is global and half of the people work in Finland and the other half in India. In a lead position, I feel that my mission is to support employees' career ambitions and take care of the work-life balance.

Tietoevry being a leading company in SAP S/4HANA projects, there are plenty of opportunities to grow as an SAP professional. In these projects, my role is to understand and see a clear vision of the business needs and translate those to value-adding technology solutions. I’m a really process and business-oriented person, and I enjoy leading projects from start to finish together with design, testing, and technical professionals. At Tietoevry employees' professional growth is supported and while working on these projects I have had the opportunity to complete an SAP S/4HANA certificate.

I consider myself a problem solver and maybe that’s why I’ve often drifted into situations that seem challenging at first. I will face this kind of situation with a calm mind and take it as an opportunity to grow professionally. Also, SAP as a domain enables endless possibilities to develop yourself and learn something new almost every day about this continuously developing technology.

Knowledge sharing in Tietoevry’s international environment

Tietoevry has one of the biggest SAP communities in the Nordics, with over 300 professionals. I’m impressed how the company with such a long history has innovated itself and remained relevant in the market. One positive surprise for me has been how much of an international company Tietoevry is. Nowadays I have for example colleagues in Norway and India to work and share ideas with.

I feel happy that I have had a chance to create a unique career path that supports my ambitions and areas of passion, such as the retail industry, modern technologies, and sustainable development. At Tietoevry people come from very different backgrounds and no one is putting you into a predefined mold. There’s always space for individuals to grow in the chosen direction that inspires them the most. And that’s what I truly value!


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Giselda Autio
Lead SAP Retail Consultant


Giselda Autio

Lead SAP Retail Consultant

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