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What to expect from your IT partner

It’s not easy to keep pace with technology in a highly disruptive world. How do you determine what solution best suits your business? By choosing the right partner. Let us tell you why.

Pål Remy Østbye / December 06, 2021

The good news is that a business has no dearth of options as far as IT solutions or partners are concerned.

The tricky part comes when it wants a ‘little bit more’ in value to make the company future-proof in an agile, cost-effective, secure and resilient way. This is where the quality and ability of the partner comes in.

Here is what you should expect from your future IT partner(s):

1. Product+

You expect high quality and lower costs. But does that ensure that you can focus on what really matters – i.e. the growth of your business? Perhaps not. Standardization is important when achieving cost-efficiency, but that must not stop you from wanting more. IT has moved from being a support function for business and should now be at the core of every company. This situation will become even more evident over time. So, look for more multi-cloud advisors with state-of-the-art enterprise services and end-to-end solutions.

Your partner should be able to assess the ‘business usage’ of technology from your point of view and offer what is best suited to your business – be it Cloud, AI, machine learning, platforms, the Internet of things (IoT) or all of these combined. This result-oriented mindset will help you get more value from the product/service you invest in because your partner will have to maximize IT towards your core business.

2. Knowledge

A partner acts as a pilot maneuvering through current and future technologies, based on deep industry and technology knowledge to make sure your business has the competitive advantage.

It also plays the role of a trusted advisor and strategic partner, who jointly works with your business (and suppliers) to solve new challenges and meet the digital transformation goals of your enterprise. The partner should also have matured and well-developed relationships with its own vendors. This dimension adds to the technology landscape available.

With a good IT supplier, you are on an ongoing and exciting journey of transformation and co-innovation. So, pick a partner who has specific and relevant knowledge, combined with local presence and a global perspective.

3. Eco-system

Your partner of choice must be performance-driven and have the ability to work seamlessly in a multi-vendor ecosystem. This requires having agile and flexible development methodologies and modular and scalable system architectures that provide data and cyber security at all times.

The objective is to reduce your process turn-around time, improve customer experience, create a great customer journey, increase business uptime, reduce business process complexity and have scope for innovation. A partner who has a DevOps way of working is agile and flexible and can help you achieve that.

4. Governance & compliance

Good business practices always make great business sense. However, disruption, increasing Cloud maturity and changing geopolitical landscapes have all made information governance a bigger challenge. Therefore, seek out a partner who can help make transparency, security and good governance an integral part of your IT strategy.

5. Sustainability

Let’s leave the earth better than we found it for the next generation. Sustainability is good for the planet, for people and for business. Look for partners who help your business achieve sustainable outcomes with innovative solutions and business models. In most cases, these efforts go hand-in-hand with efficient IT solutions.

Why TietoEVRY?

We’re technology-agnostic! Therefore, our customers can have access to the best solutions in the world. We like to think of ourselves as a spider in a web that can reach out and use different technologies from different companies for the benefit of our customers. We can even combine some of these new technologies into the existing technology platforms of our customers.

Additionally, we provide cloud solutions that give our customers a variety of private and multi-cloud opportunities with several vendors, including AWS and Azure, also in combination. TietoEVRY integrates new platforms and applications with open APIs enabling another IT landscape, where future lock-ins are substituted by cost-efficient tailoring.

We have a global network of experts with deep industry knowledge, exciting new ideas and proven capabilities. We create cost-efficient, automated, intelligent & resilient IT operations and services. Further, our Automation AI and Machine learning and intelligent business operations seamlessly become a part of IT platforms.

Interesting in becoming the best you can be? Contact us for more information

Pål Remy Østbye
Head of Commercial, Digital Consulting

With more than 20 years’ experience from Consulting and Industry Pål Remy is passionate about creating Value together with customers, as Strategic Partners and Trusted Advisors.

Pål Remy is our Global Head of Commercial in Digital Consulting, enabling comprehensive Value Propositions and solutions, combining people, technology and processes from TietoEVRY and vendors. Digital Consulting provides services within Customer Experience, Cloud, Data Management and Analytics and Business Applications.


Pål Remy Østbye

Head of Commercial, Digital Consulting

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