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The bigger the company, the bigger the impact

Sami re-designs a pensions payment system together with his other ICT colleagues. Since coming back to Tietoevry, the singing engineer continuously updates his know-how and rewinds by working out.

Sami Puttonen / December 08, 2021

Sami Puttonen returned to Tietoevry and began re-designing a pensions payment system together with other ICT professionals. Since coming back, the singing engineer continuously updates his know-how and rewinds by working out.

When I started in my Senior Software Architect/Developer position at Tietoevry in August 2021, I became part of a company I already knew from before, as I worked here in a similar role during 2018–2019.

You might imagine that a small company offers better opportunities for influencing one's tasks than a large company. However, my own experience speaks the opposite: the bigger the company, the bigger the impact. For example, at Tietoevry, the options for developing my own specialist role are excellent, and that’s what drew me back to the company. We have a wide range of interesting projects that you can choose to take part in based on your own interests.

Learning new things is in my DNA

Whenever the opportunity arises, I make time for studying and learning new things. You can’t keep up with the progress in the ICT sector unless you’re constantly up to date with developments and are willing to develop your skills and knowledge. TietoEVRY offers its employees opportunities to attend training in various ICT sub-disciplines. Moreover, we can receive financial support for the latest training from external providers.

Learning is intrinsic to me, and hence, I’ve studied my whole life. My background is in engineering, and I’m also a personal trainer and a mental coach. In my mental coach studies, I have learned that solid interaction skills are very beneficial also in the working life.

I appreciate the freedom of working here

Since my return, I’ve worked on a pensions system project for Keva, Finland’s largest pension provider. The task is to renew and modernize their pensions payment system. As a specialist in software architecture and development, I am using Java and Angular to implement the system onto the cloud computing service Azure Portal. Currently, this project keeps me fully occupied.

Thanks to the already familiar people at Tietoevry, I instantly felt like returning home. I appreciate the company’s tangible trust in its employees. Being a part of Tietoevry provides a lot of freedom — you can work from anywhere. All that matters is that the job gets done. This suits me well because I like to balance my days with sports. I start my workdays early and take a break at lunchtime, followed by a relaxing run to reload my batteries. Later in the afternoon, I might visit the gym and then continue working in the evening. This offers me the perfect freedom of working when I feel most productive.

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In addition to sports, I’m involved in the organizational activities of the Union of Professional Engineers, and I’m also a member of Insinöörilaulajat (The Engineer Singers) male choir. My vocal range is tenor. It’s unbelievably energizing to belt out Jukka Kuoppamäki’s Sininen ja Valkoinen with over 10 fellow singers. This, if anything, gives me energy for my workdays.

When there’s a balance between interesting and suitably challenging work and free time, I can live a life that suits my lifestyle and priorities. Thanks to Tietoevry, this is possible.


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Sami Puttonen
Senior Software Developer

Since 2000, when Sami started his career, he has been a consultant, team leader, lead software developer, personal trainer and mental coach. Sami is a singing engineer who continuously updates his know-how and rewinds by working out. 


Sami Puttonen

Senior Software Developer

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