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Prepare for the evolution of Next-Gen services

With innovation changing at an unprecedented rate, Tietoevry’s Next-Gen services ensure that you remain at the forefront of the revolution.

Manish Kumar / December 02, 2021

Companies can redesign the value propositions of existing services and solutions with renewed business models to create a competitive edge.

Fast-paced technological innovations and rapidly maturing technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Edge Computing, are changing existing industries and markets at a rate never experienced before.

Staying in sync with rapidly evolving technology and changing business landscapes is not easy. It often results in extremely scattered IT environments. This makes it particularly difficult and expensive for companies to ensure business continuity and launch new features to meet business demands.

Tietoevry’s Next-Gen Enterprise Service provides solutions to the key challenges that companies are facing today. As an experienced outsourcing service provider, we harness intelligent automation technologies to provide business outcome driven, fully automated IT operations and digital development capabilities.

This results in data-driven business operations and an effective capability of delivering new features with much faster time-to-market, built on cost optimized, resilient, secure and scalable IT operations.

In this article you will learn:

  • How an integrated approach will benefit you
  • How to leverage the full potential of automated operations (DigiOps)
  • How to accelerate digital development (DevOps)
  • How to utilise your data for business advantage (BizOps)
  • How to take the next steps on your next-gen journey

Future-proof your IT and business operations

By adopting our services, you can save up to 30-40% of your IT spending annually. This is thanks to the harmonization of legacy systems, centralization of operations, usage of intelligent automation, effective application and information management and right-shoring.

At its core, we have an integrated AIOps platform that orchestrates infrastructure, application and business process management functionalities across the digital landscape. By not being segregated in different silos, data can give you the required insight to improve business processes and develop new services.

What is the business value of intelligent automation?

Intelligent automation plays a crucial role in enabling operational cost efficiency and improving service quality and predictability. It helps companies run their IT operations efficiently (DigiOps) to ensure business continuity, build new capabilities faster (DevOps) to improve business agility and operate business intelligently (BizOps) to enable data-driven business operations.

The DigiOps framework orchestrates end-to-end IT operations and services across infrastructure and applications. Our highly integrated AIOPs components, which provide Discovering, Monitoring, Analysing, Predicting and Remediating capabilities, represent a fundamental step towards the realization of incident-free enterprise.

Business agility: with DevOps framework

Our DevOps framework encompasses processes, capabilities and toolchains covering the end-to-end lifecycle of customers’ applications, through the popular Continuous Delivery Pipeline concept.

We aim to maximize quality and efficiency by automating the entire development and operations landscape. By implementing Agile development methodologies, we can assure that business objectives constantly align. Further, this allows for increased flexibility to deal with private, hybrid or public cloud capabilities.

Great importance is also given to the composition, competence and culture of each team’s collaboration and commitment. We actively collaborate with our customers to build teams that are able to maximize quality and speed in order to achieve defined outcomes.

Intelligent business operations: with BizOps framework

By applying process and data mining techniques, we create a holistic view of your business processes. This allows for more effective process monitoring and the early identification of waste, as well as improvement opportunities and the capturing of innovative ideas to guide you through your company’s digital transformation.

Who benefits from the Next-Gen Enterprise Service?

In order to take automation to the next level we have introduced chatbots to aid both internal users as well as end consumers with quick responses to[KH1] business requirements or as a trigger for automated resolutions to their immediate needs.

Further, we are committed to making our customers’ business processes more efficient and automated via services like Order to Cash and Pay to Procure.

Three steps to the Next-Gen level

  1. Analyse your current model and IT landscape
  2. Set your vision, mission and business goals
  3. Make use of our operating power and focus on your core business

Contact us now and let’s get started.

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Manish Kumar
Head of Business Development
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