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The passion for IFS made Damith Jinasena take a leap from Sri Lanka to Sweden

Inspired by the ways of thinking and motivated by new challenges, Damith moved to Sweden to pursue a career at Tietoevry and share his expertise and passion with both colleagues and customers.

Damith Jinasena / October 18, 2021

The opportunity to challenge himself and learn new things led Damith Jinasena, an IFS technical consultant from Sri Lanka to a career at Tietoevry. Where every day poses new challenges to tackle - alongside a team of colleagues that he can share his extensive expertise with.

I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, where I started my career as a support consultant at IFS Applications. Today, I have over 12 years of experience in the IFS technical domain, integrations, and cloud technologies. As a developer and consultant, I got the opportunity to travel the world, and of all countries I have visited, Sweden always felt like a second home with all the nice people I met and the closeness to nature. I was also inspired by the new ways of thinking, the creativity and innovations. I joined Tietoevry in 2019, and it was of course challenging to move to Sweden all the way from Sri Lanka together with my family. But I did it without hesitation because I felt that Tietoevry fit my career expectations and it was the right place for me to be.

Keep learning new things – and sharing my expertise with others

Today, I work as a technical consultant in the IFS Application Services team. My daily work includes designing and developing solutions for customers related to IFS ERP, building integrations for connecting other systems with IFS and guiding customers and colleagues around the technical aspects of IFS. Besides that, I have a huge interest in cloud technologies, so I am also a part of the IFS cloud deployments where we setup IFS in different cloud platforms. My passion for IFS and technical stuff even extends beyond regular office hours. In my spare time I help the IFS online community by answering questions, blogging or coding for fun, like Raspberry pi or Arduino. Besides my passion for IFS I also enjoy cycling and reading books, especially autobiographies.

What made TietoEVRY a perfect match for me is that we provide the complete IFS solution package from application operation, support and consulting. This means that there is always an interesting problem to solve somewhere in our IFS team, and as someone who likes to move beyond traditional thinking, I adore meeting new challenges in different areas. Helping others and learning new things really motivates me, and one of my favorite things about Tietoevry is that we have so many learning and career opportunities. But most importantly of course, is that I have a great team of colleagues which makes work so much fun.

The keys to success in my work

From my experience working as a developer and consultant, I think that the most important skills to be successful in this work are:

  • Communication - To get a better understanding about customer problems, we need to build good communication skills. Different customers express their needs in different ways, and by listening and asking questions, we can get a better idea of the situation and take appropriate actions.
  • Self-confidence - We work with high profile customers, and ERP plays a major role in their business. Usually, they seek our help when they cannot solve a problem by themselves. It is always challenging to work in those situations, but when you trust yourself and your skills, you can accept any challenge with a smile.
  • Teamwork - Teams are always the key to success. Helping each other and asking for help is equally important when working as a team. When you have a good team, working is a lot of fun and can deliver high quality solutions to customers at the same time.
  • Learning - There is something new to learn every day at work. We must keep ourselves updated with the product and technology changes to stay sharp in our industry.

Joining Tietoevry was a critical decision in my life. Today, I am grateful for my decision and believe it’s a perfect fit for me.

Do you want to be a part of my team?

We are currently recruiting for several positions for my unit IFS Applications:

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Damith Jinasena
Technical Consultant

Damith is a technical consultant with over 12 years of experience in the IFS technical domain, integrations, and cloud technologies.


Damith Jinasena

Technical Consultant

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