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Learning as a Lifestyle - Together with Microsoft

This is how the Public 360° team promote growth mindset by setting up a Public 360°Azure Boot camp.

Kristina Devochko / May 05, 2021
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What we care most about in TietoEVRY and in our Public 360° team, besides our customers, are our employees and great technologies –in that order. Therefore, we are setting strong focus on offering learning and growth opportunities for our people.

By investing in career development and continuous learning we are aiming to grow and motivate those movers, innovators and shakers in our society-the ones who will drive forward the digitalization journey in the Nordics, and in the world.

One of the world's most known motivational speakers, Brian Tracy, said:

Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.”

-And I can’t agree more. IT industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing industries in the world. In order to move ahead and stay on the top in the competitive market and in our Public 360°team, you must keep up with new trends, frameworks and technologies. But in the modern world it’s not always that easy to find time for learning and competence development, especially at work. Handling customer commitments, deadlines and delivery projects in addition to maintaining a work-life balance makes it challenging for many of us to keep track of everything at once.

What Public 360° really is?

We take on the mission of simplifying everyday life by creating better citizen services. You can read more about what our solution can do here: Public 360° -Case and document management system.

So, what concrete actions do we take in order to achieve this?

One of the most exciting and successful initiatives we have currently undertaken, in cooperation with Microsoft, is Public 360°Azure Boot Camp. This tech challenge is based on Microsoft’s learning initiative known as Cloud Skills Challenge(CSC). Cloud Skills Challenge is a company-focused, gamified way to learn and skill up using Microsoft Learn paths/modules. A set of modules for such challenge can either be based on one of the pre-made collections, provided by Microsoft, or you can make a custom set by hand-picking the modules that will be most relevant for the challenge participants. Modules we have chosen for Public 360° Azure Boot Camp were based on Azure Development collection. Duration of the challenge can also be customized, depending on the amount of included modules. Public 360°Azure Boot Camp was running for two weeks and included 41 modules covering different areas of Azure development – from creating server less logic with Azure Functions to protecting against security threats on Azure.
94 people have participated in Public 360°Azure Boot Camp and 11 people have fully completed the challenge – all 41 modules in just two weeks! Public 360°team has over 100 developers working from different parts of the globe and seeing such interest, engagement and activity was extremely heart-warming and exciting for us! According to Microsoft, Public 360°Azure Boot Camp is so far the largest challenge by the number of participants among all challenges running in Norway –how cool is that?!
After Public 360°Azure Boot Camp ended, we received a lot of positive feedback about this initiative-it became crystal clear for us that people are eager to gain new knowledge and grow their skillset, and they definitely want to see more initiatives like this in the future. Even those employees who haven’t been working with Azure in their daily work responded to the challenge and took advantage of this opportunity to upskill and learn more about what Azure is and what it has to offer for product development.
It makes me proud to be a part of the organization where competence development is encouraged. Where learning initiatives are promoted and implemented on a regular basis, and are strongly supported by the leadership. Where employees express how important it is to have learning opportunities as part of their daily work. In addition to that, it’s extremely valuable to have this kind of collaboration with the developer community and our partners, Microsoft being one of them.
Microsoft team has provided us with immense support along the way -from helping us land what kind of learning initiatives would be the most relevant for us to start with, to setting up the challenge itself and dedicating symbolic prizes to all the challenge participants. Big thanks to everyone involved for your contribution and the efforts made to succeed with Public 360°Azure Boot Camp!
Finally, I would like to say that TietoEVRY and Public 360° are not stopping there! We will keep up our continuous learning journey and further collaboration with Microsoft on creating more competence development opportunities and learning initiatives like this for our people.

Have you heard of Cloud Skills Challenge and have you participated in one? Did you like it? Read more about it at Microsoft Partner Community Page.

Kristina Devochko
Lead SW Architect at Public 360°


Kristina Devochko

Lead SW Architect at Public 360°

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