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3 Keys to benefit from Security Operations

Time to understand how 21st Security Operations can enhance your security.

Piotr Zawadzki / May 12, 2021

Every organization’s cybersecurity posture, risk tolerance, level of expertise and budget is different, but the importance of countering the increasing threats is a common challenge.

A healthy SOC is at the heart of cyber defence, but what it takes to establish and operate one has changed along with the evolving threat landscape, putting a tremendous responsibility on security analysts and the technologies they rely on. 

By incorporating advanced analytics and automation tools, and boosting incident response capabilities, can ease the security operations load and arm yourself with the people, processes, and technologies needed to overcome today's cybersecurity challenges.

Here are 3 keys on how security operations enhance your security:

  • Implement Advanced Analytics: Enable capabilities such as threat and vulnerability management, incident prioritization, advanced threat detection, and threat hunting and investigating. All, by choosing advanced analytics as the foundation for your security operations. Many organizations rely heavily on SIEM to support compliance and threat detection efforts. Organizations are also increasingly combining their deployments with solutions that really takes their analytics abilities to the next level.
  • Integrate controls & automate processes: Enable analysts to make better decisions from better data. It may not be a surprise that automating your security operations will strengthen your team’s skills and expertise to detect and respond to threats with super speed.
  • Boost incident response: Group detected threats and avoid bottlenecks in Incident Response processes. The incident response must be as proactive as possible and needs to comply with a predefined rulebook to answer strictly or help construct the same on experience basis.

The only way to protect your organization from the increasing amount of threats is to be vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity.

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Piotr Zawadzki
Tietoevry alumni

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