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Is Open Radio Access Networks a revolution for the wireless industry?

Open RAN (Radio Access Networks) technology aims to standardise networking industry interfaces and support interoperation between different vendors' equipment. What are the related key considerations?

Mats Eriksson / April 14, 2021
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Open RAN (Radio Access Networks) is a topic heavily debated in the mobile networking industry these days. Opinions are as many as people debating. Some say it will revolutionize the industry and change it forever, whilst others say it is by far too immature and will not be efficient enough.

As the society at large is facing a massive rollout of 5G technologies that are supposed to enable a ubiquitous and everything connected world, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are concerned about the cost and performance of those networks. But further, they are also concerned about the ability to create new services and business based on 5G as such, in combination with edge computing.

Key considerations of the Open RAN technology

So, what are the key considerations of the Open RAN technology? Here I lift out two top ones. For more details, please study the white paper: Is Open RAN the silver-bullet for the wireless industry?

1. Performance optimizations are needed to turn available SW stacks into products

As the amount of data transported in networks surge, the need for efficient data transport is imminent. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are cautious about the power consumed by transporting data. There are huge differences among vendors coming from efficient algorithms as well as efficient implementation of the real-time critical workloads. Making maximum use of spectrum through technologies, such as Massive MIMO, require substantial optimization of emerging software stacks.

2. Multi-vendor integration remains a key challenge that requires substantial domain knowledge and skills

Open RAN promises to enable mix and match of the different parts of the RAN solution. Yet, some of the key interfaces are highly complex and require high performance. Therefore, resulting in that integration remains to be the key challenge and requires cross-domain technical skills. MNOs needs further to consider their role and vendor independence in such an integration process.

Want to explore RAN evolution?

We at TietoEVRY have a long track record with companies helping them to find their RAN path: adding features, optimizing & hardening virtualized RAN solutions and purpose-built products.

Have you already found your path forward? We can help you to leverage the best areas such as baseband, higher layer protocols, virtualization or operation & maintenance.

Want to know more? Read more about our Open RAN and Virtual RAN development capabilities. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

I’m also very keen on getting your reflection on the white paper: Is Open RAN the silver-bullet for the wireless industry?


Mats Eriksson
Business Development Lead

Mats Eriksson leads business development and sales in the telecom and radio access sector in Tietoevry Product Development Services. He has previously co-founded technology companies and held managerial positions in various companies. He has a background in academia where he was in charge of a research cooperation institute and founded an EU innovation initiative.

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