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Cloud consultant are the go-to persons for businesses who want to modernize for the future

The main focus should be closing the gaps for customers, adding knowledge and advising on how to take the most advantage of the cloud

Claudio Fuenzalida Plaza / April 29, 2021
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My name is Claudio Fuenzalida Plaza, and I work as a senior consultant in in Cloud Advisory and Technology. Since June 2017, I have been working for Equinor and helping them to speed up their cloud journey process and ensuring that the company is making the right decisions.

Before this project I was involved in a similar project and my qualifications fit the customers requirements, that’s why I ended up working with Equinor.

The possibility to expand my competence and add experience to my curriculum, intrigued me to take this project. At the same time, I get to work hands on with multiple types of automation and Cloud technologies.

Working for Equinor could be described as working with a lot of different types of technologies in Azure.

In a migration setting you need to have a broad knowledge on many IT fields. I also get the chance to get to know the company from the inside and learn about their history. That means that I get the change to not only learn history from one exciting company, TietoEVRY, but also the history to the costumers I work for.

I love to learn new things that I haven’t done before, and challenge myself to lean towards coding, automation and devops because these are fields I think is very interesting and important to the future, next to cloud solutions.

Businesses are in transition

I think we need to have a five-year perspective on this topic, because many customers have started their journey towards the cloud or are living in a Hybrid environment. Many have been there for a while but haven’t transformed their applications into cloud native yet.

They are in transition, transforming their environments from onsite to cloud based, or migrating their applications and getting ready for the next stage - Modernizing their applications and taking full advantage of the Cloud.

So the main focus should be closing the gaps for customers, adding knowledge and advising on how to take the most advantage of the cloud. Helping with transition from the old to the new, focus on security, but also adopting new technologies and better ways to manage their environments.

When we have helped businesses with this stage of the cloud journey, I think we will see that the future in cloud will be very much based on automation, and code in whichever form, is the future.

The everyday heroes

If you work in this field, you will become the everyday heroes and the go to person.

There is also very much to learn and is a very rewarding experience to be able to help ideas become reality. To work with cloud is a varied job and very interesting challenges are ahead.

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Claudio Fuenzalida Plaza
Senior consultant


Claudio Fuenzalida Plaza

Senior consultant

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