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Service Desk – teamwork across departments

With service desk written in her DNA, Anu is building our new service desk team to Vaasa.

Anu Peltola / February 22, 2021

Customer-centric attitude, problem solving and teamwork skills are the keys to success when working at Service Desk. Our Head of Service Desk, Anu Peltola has “Service Desk” written in her DNA, and currently she is building a team for our new Service Desk unit in Vaasa.

I have always been fascinated by the diversity and various challenges of Service Desk work, and somehow I find myself drawn to this job over and over again. 

I started in TietoEVRY around two years ago in the SIAM unit (Service Integration and Management), but then I was offered an opportunity to take over the Service Desk unit. 

With a long work history in leading and developing a Service Desk service, I felt confident moving on to this new role at TietoEVRY. At the moment, I am responsible for Service Desk in Finland and our new Service Desk unit in Vaasa.  

What makes a Service Desk Manager? 

As the manager of our Service Desk team, I feel that my most important job is to be there for my team members and offer them help and solutions. I try to create an open atmosphere of trust so that everyone in the team feels free to approach me with whatever they have on their mind. This also makes it easier for me to come up with solutions when needed. 

More generally, TietoEVRY is a very transparent and encouraging working environment in which everyone, all the way to the senior management, shares information openly. We value teamwork and collaborate a lot across teams and departments. 

Teamwork has an especially pronounced role at Service Desk because we collaborate with specialists in different departments. This means that we do not solve all the problems during one phone call with the customer but sometimes forward tickets to specialists. Therefore, our tasks involve getting to know a wide variety of IT jobs. Sometimes, people find their own field of specialization through working at Service Desk. 

As a manager, it is important for me that I can offer my team members career opportunities, too. Sometimes, I have to let go of good employees because of this, but I’m always happy to see others succeed.   

The right attitude and a desire to find solutions 

The atmosphere at Service Desk is always great. This line of business attracts a lot of like-minded people, so teams usually bond easily. 

Traditionally, people find work at Service Desks after their IT studies. Naturally, it is important to have an IT education and an understanding of technology, but having the right attitude and problem-solving skills are crucial, too. We need to have a desire to solve problems and deal with issues that are not always that straightforward. 

We do a lot of customer work, which places importance on good communication skills. Our job is to support our customers in the challenges they face and help them succeed. We often serve customers over the phone, but various chats are a common form of communication these days. 

Our unit always appreciates language skills since TietoEVRY is an international company and our working language is English. Our international work environment offers many opportunities for our employees, and you can certainly put your language skills to good use. We get to work with specialists from many different countries, even in our units in Finland.  

Service Desk is in my DNA 

Despite always feeling that Service Desk is my thing, I have, of course, had many other jobs during my career. For the first 10 years after graduating, I worked as a programmer.  

In addition to programming, I have worked as a project manager and service manager for 20 years in total. During this period, I got acquainted with Service Desk work for the first time when I was presented with the opportunity to become the manager of the Service Desk team. 

After that, I have done a lot of work around developing Service Desk, and I must say I like my job! 

We are now hiring Service Desk Specialists to our new service desk unit in Vaasa!

Anu Peltola
Head of Service Desk

Our Head of Service Desk, Anu Peltola has “Service Desk” written in her DNA, and currently she is building a team for our new Service Desk unit in Vaasa. Anu has extensive knowledge and experience from the area of service desk and she is happy that she has been able to contribute in developing it further. 


Anu Peltola

Head of Service Desk

We are looking for Service Desk Specialists to Vaasa!

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