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Finland’s social and health care IT systems are among the best in the world

Teemu Vähäkainu / February 18, 2021

Recently, various perspectives dealing with the procurement of information systems for social welfare and health care have been presented publicly in Finland.

The discussion has focused on costs and the adaptation of foreign systems to suit Finland’s needs. The Finnish expertise in information systems for health and social services and the importance of cooperation have also been emphasized.

Local expertise, global capabilities 

It is easy to agree with these points. TietoEVRY bases its values on Finnish and Nordic ways of thinking. We have more than 40 years of experience in Finnish social and health care needs as well as national requirements. We are proud of our extensive expertise and our professional colleagues who support our customers all over Finland. We value local knowledgebut we also need global capabilities and cooperation to best support our customers in their future challenges. 

Together with our customers and other stakeholderswe have influenced national definitions and initiated many national development paths. We appreciate the extensive and constructive cooperation between various Finnish stakeholders within this field. Supporting the integration of health and social services is a critical development target. 

New information technology is an enabler of effective and cost-efficient health and social services. Close customer cooperation doesnend with the system deliveryDeveloping and supporting the customeroperations and service production is continuous process. For example, based on the end-user needs, our social and health care professionals help realise the benefits that the solutions and changes enable. 

Boosting competitiveness and jobs  

The appreciation of Finnish information system expertise and industry knowledge also creates employment. TietoEVRY recently announced that the user support serving Finnish- and Swedish-speaking customers in Estonia will move to Vaasa. It will create some 160 jobs in the region. The user support for Finnish welfare and health care customers is, and has always been, in Finland. 

TietoEVRY has invested significantly in developing the information system and service package for health and social services. Approximately 450 experts work on solutions designed for Finland. In total, we employ more than 3,200 people in the countryWe also employ indirectly, wuse subcontractors, freelancers and service providers. TietoEVRY is a primary corporate taxpayer in Finland. 

TietoEVRY cooperates with Finnish educational and research institutes, offering students diploma work possibilities and career paths. Nursing schools use our healthcare systems for educational purposes. We also cooperate with higher education institutions and are involved in research projects, such as eCare4me. 

Many studies, for example, by OECD, have noted that Finland’s social and health care ecosystem and IT systems are among the best in the world. Mostly, Finnish companies and players have developed these top-assessed health and social services solutions. We strongly believe that TietoEVRYtogether with our customers and other stakeholderswill continue to meet social and health care services future development needs. 

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Teemu Vähäkainu
Head of data-driven care

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