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A journey begins – Service Desk Specialist in the making

A brand new Service Desk unit is opened in Vaasa! Training for the new Service Desk Specialists is in good progress, and one of the new employees is Merita Buck who now shares her story

Merita Buck / February 22, 2021

The training period has already exceeded my expectations – TietoEVRY's international and open atmosphere has delighted me from the beginning.

I have always been passioned about computers and IT ever since I was young, so it was a natural choice to also study and eventually start working in the IT industry.

My TietoEVRY journey started recently and currently I am in training to master my future tasks as a Service Desk Specialist. I have previous Service Desk work experience from another company where I worked for four years.

The training period has gone really well, which has been a positive surprise! It’s great when a company invests in proper training for new employees. It makes such a positive impact right from the start and the training creates a solid foundation for all of us trainees.

Another benefit of the training period is that I have already gotten to know my future colleagues. This is something that is very important to me as getting to know your co-workers early on always makes it easier to work together in the future. It’s so much easier to ask questions and communicate when you know your colleagues well.

As we are still in the midst of a pandemic, the training sessions have been held completely remotely. Luckily Teams meetings and other remote practices are already so familiar to everyone, that it hasn’t even been an issue. And thanks to remote connections, our trainer has actually conducted the sessions all the way from Czech Republic.

Finding solutions drives me

The best part of Service Desk work is solving and figuring out the various issues for the customers. Every working day is different and often it feels as time is literally flying when there are so many things to do and so many issues to solve.

Most of the time the customer issues are related to hardware, applications and permissions - such as the printer is not working, or someone is failing to log in somewhere. Certain types of support requests are also seasonal: for example, after the summer holidays, there are many calls from people who have forgotten their work computer username and passwords.

When I manage to solve a customer’s problem, it feels really rewarding. Even if the problem is small and easy for me to solve, it still may be a big deal for the customer.

Attitude is everything

A good background for a Service Desk Specialist is in computer studies and of course it’s good to have a general interest towards computers and IT. I have a diploma in Computer Sciences and this spring I will graduate and be an Automation Technology Engineer. I also have previous work experience from the customer service side, which has helped a lot.  After all, this job is also basically customer service, just with a twist.

As with most jobs, a good attitude will carry you a long way when working in a Service Desk. In addition, it’s beneficial to have a curious mind and an interest towards problem solving.

It’s also essential to learn new things quickly. Sometimes the customer may use a program or a software that I am not familiar with, but I still need to be able to solve their issues. As the job is continuous learning, I feel like I am constantly growing as a professional.

Career opportunities and a relaxed atmosphere

My background has proven to be very useful now in Service Desk work, but my studies also enable a different career paths for me in the future.

As a large international company, TietoEVRY offers many career opportunities and I have been encouraged to make my own career plan as part of the training. The training has also included a lot of issues related to well-being at work, such as video lectures on how to manage stressful situations and how to cope better at work. I already have a feeling that TietoEVRY really values us as employees and we are all encouraged to develop our skills.

Even though I have only just started at TietoEVRY, the atmosphere has been very open, encouraging and relaxed. Supervisors are easy to approach and easy to contact. I have a feeling that my ideas are valued here, which is really important. It motivates me more as an employee when I know that I can influence my own work.

I also really enjoy the international vibe at TietoEVRY. I have now colleagues from several different countries, which is a great asset to the entire work community.

My expectations for my work at TietoEVRY are high. It’s exciting to work for such a big company, develop my skills and hopefully even move up the career ladder at some point. I am very excited and plan to work here at TietoEVRY for a long time.

We are now looking for Service Desk Specialists to Vaasa - check out and apply now!

Merita Buck
Service Desk Specialist

Merita is currently working as a Service Desk Specialist and is passionate about finding solutions for our customers - making their everyday life easier. She believes in continuous learning by constantly developing her skills and building her future career as an IT-professional. 


Merita Buck

Service Desk Specialist

We are looking for Service Desk Specialists to Vaasa!

Apply now!

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