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Time to have a look at the over-the-top players in the Telecom industry

New technology is disrupting the Telecom industry. If the operators do not embrace this shift, they are at risk of losing market share to hyper scalers and over-the-top players.

Rune Eide / January 28, 2021

Since the opening-up of operator’s markets in the 90’s, the telecom industry has been continuously changing.

New competitors are more global than the traditional operators, with critics to their approach questioning whether they will be able to offer compelling enough services to the market, and whether they’ll be able to yield a good enough ROI as fast as the business usually demands.

The new competition’s answer to this challenge usually lies in its agile approach, making it possible for them to utilize a minimal viable product strategy to be relevant in the market, basing it on Cloud native technology. Many of the more traditional operators have yet to adopt this culture, the processes and skillsets, making it harder to keep up the demand for a dynamic product mix. To put it more simply, we see a big cultural challenge, where the waterfall-based thinking of network and service evolution needs to give way for a more agile and customer-oriented operations.

In the whitepaper Digitalizing the Telco, we’ve explored how operators can embrace the shift, and thereby go from losing market shares to the over-the-top players and hyper-scalers to stealing their tricks. Download your copy to get all the insights.

We’re discussing the impact of choosing the technology best suited to your market, such as what it means to go cloud native, the possibilities opened up with 5G Core and 5g RAN, how to optimize digital channels and much, much more.

Reach out to continue the discussion about the future of Telco!


Rune Eide
Domain Lead, Telecom
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