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Robin gets his motivation through the development of his colleagues

Robin Gredin got good opportunities to grow and develop in the roles he chose himself. He wants to pass on the same opportunity to the company’s new employees and graduates.

Robin Gredin / December 04, 2020

As an IT developer, Robin collaborates daily with colleagues in Norway and India. As a leader, he is driven by seeing his employees find their own ways to achieve their goals.

Why did you want to work with us?

“I got asked if I wanted to come to an interview at TietoEVRY. The people I met at the interview were really nice, happy and knowledgeable. It made my gut feeling for this company very good. The feeling I had then is exactly the same feeling I get every day at my job, which makes me really like it here.”

Describe your role! 

“I started as a developer in a project and am now leading a team supporting one of our bank customers in Sweden. Even though I’m leading a team today, I also use my knowledge around development. My role has changed over time, not least because of the opportunity I got to be a part of deciding which role I should grow in.”

What possibilities do you have by working with us? 

 “No matter what kind of role you have, it is important to be able to test different tasks. If you get the opportunity to do this, you will often find a new area which you want to learn more about. It's easier and more fun to learn something you're really passionate about. It's a good feeling when you've helped employees along the way to get where they want to go. Being able to offer employees the freedom to find their own path is very satisfying.”

What is it that makes us an exciting employer?

“We are one of the leaders in the technology and consulting industry in the Nordics. That makes it possible for you to try out different areas to find a position that suits you. And you will get the chance to grow and develop knowledge in fields you find interesting. We collaborate well with the countries we are located in. In my team, we work mostly with colleagues in Norway and India, and the cooperation between us works well regardless of cultural differences. Before COVID-19, we often travelled to meet each other and strengthen cooperation. And I’m absolutely sure we will have the same opportunity again after the pandemic. Until then, it's not so bad to "meet" each other over Teams either.”

What is the most exciting thing about your job? 

“I am inspired by learning new things and solving challenges that I face every day. In addition, I must always have a goal to work towards. It's fun to see how others grow and develop in their roles. One of the things I like best is delivering a project that a customer is really happy with. Working with skilled, knowledgeable colleagues is also very inspiring and rewarding for me“.

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Robin Gredin
Project and maintenance manager

A leader with passion for people and technology. Loves to empower co-workers in their day to day work, and to coach them towards new opportunities. Thrives in highly efficient teams that ensures the best outcome for the customer and TietoEVRY.


Robin Gredin

Project and maintenance manager

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