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Five easy ways to enhance security for your online consumers

Online shopping is booming right now, but how do e-tailers keep their customers coming back after the pandemic?

Oskar Ehrnström / December 22, 2020

As consumers social distance during a public health crisis, they have been heading to online stores to do their shopping in ever greater numbers.

For many, picking up groceries or gifts online will be nothing new. They are digitally savvy and enjoy the flexibility and convenience it provides. Yet for some consumers, it has been a whole new experience, and potentially a daunting one too. And it’s this group that’s often in the crosshairs of hackers who know how to exploit the situation to their own advantage.

Let them know they are safe

As cyberattacks increase, the onus is businesses to demonstrate to their consumers and potential hackers that they take security – and the protection of personal data – very seriously. The aim: keep criminals away and turn new customers into loyal friends.

We’re happy to help you with an assessment of your business’ security needs and are also able to support you in everything from planning and implementation to running your security services.

5 easy actions to boost security

But there are also some easy actions you can take already now to show your customers (and criminals) that you’re serious about protecting their information online:

  1. Provide payment methods that don’t require your customers to enter their credit card credentials, such as invoice services and payment solutions through apps.
  2. Let your partners shine on your offering page as a token of quality. Support each other like a chain of brands that vouch for each other.
  3. Be consistent in your communication with your customers. This way they get to know your tone of voice, which could make it easier for them to spot an attempt by a malicious actor trying to act like you in order to access their personal data.
  4. Use your own channels for customer communication, like social media or your own app. A lot of attackers use emails and SMS to exploit customers’ trust in your brand, so avoid those if you have other alternatives. 
  5. Be as structured in your approach to digital security as you are in security for your bricks and mortar stores and offices. The reality is that many retailers struggle to achieve the same level of security for their digital assets as they do for their physical spaces. So make sure you have enough ‘guards’ within your digital spaces as well.

We all know that positive experiences are crucial to making customers happy and forming a relationship based on loyalty. 

For online retailers or service providers, a key part of providing those positive experiences is showing your customers not only that you are capable of protecting their personal data – but also how

Let's have a digital coffee

Oskar Ehrnström
Head of Cybersecurity Sweden, Tietoevry Tech Services

With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, and with 13 of those as a leader and trusted advisor within cybersecurity, Oskar drives business innovation and transformation at Cybersecurity Services.

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