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Security Barometer 2020

The TietoEVRY Security Barometer gauges the level of consumer trust in relation to online security and privacy. Now in its second edition, the TietoEVRY Security Barometer collects consumer views on data security and protection across the Nordics.

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Cybersecurity survey: Security Barometer

Trust is a significant driver in digitalization

A high level of trust amongst citizens is a necessity for a successful transition to a digitalized society.

The TietoEVRY Security Barometer measures the level of consumer trust in relation to online security and privacy. Now in its second edition, the TietoEVRY Security Barometer collects consumer views on data security and protection across the Nordics. This study was conducted in collaboration with the research institutes Kantar Sifo in Finland, Norway and Sweden in September 2020. There were a total of over 3,000 respondents, roughly 1,000 per each country.

A big boost for E-commerce during the pandemic

The Security barometer shows that consumers have embraced new channels during the pandemic, and that they will continue to shop online when restrictions are lifted. The survey also shows that Finns are missing visiting physical stores more than Swedes, meaning the Finnish retail industry have to pick up the pace in order to unify the physical and digital channels. However, retailers in Sweden must continue to improve their customer journeys in order to keep the consumers coming back for more. 

“Christmas shopping seems to be moving increasingly to the digital realm. It would seem that building atrusted online store is now somewhat more on the retailers’ agenda. While this is a good direction, no one can rest on their laurels. The price of digital trust is constant vigilance and development work in security,” says Maria Nordgren, Head of Cybersecurity Services, TietoEVRY.

Does consumers trust in data security?

Norwegians sceptical to data security


One in three Norwegians are sceptical about whether the public sector stores their data securely, according to a survey conducted by Kantar for TietoEVRY. At the same time, more than half of the survey’s respondents said that they were sceptical about the way in which private companies store their data.

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Finns' confidence in authorities strong


Finns' trust in authorities has remained level, with about a quarter of Finns still considering them to be very reliable processors of personal data. Only three percent of Finns consider companies to be very reliable processors of personal data. At the same time, the proportion of those who have relatively high trust has increased for both.

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Swedes have faith in management of data


Eight out of ten Swedes, 81 percent, state in TietoEVRY's Sifo survey that they feel safe in how authorities, municipalities and regions handle their data. Public trust is the most important precondition for the digitization of public services. An insight is that six out of ten Swedes, 58 percent, would like the opportunity to vote online in the parliamentary election, - a clear signal of a high degree of digital trust

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The Nordics have become more trusting

Sweden's primed for online shopping 2021


The Security Barometer report shows that Swedes are happy to continue shopping online when the pandemic finally ends. However, despite the fact people over the age of 50 have increased their online shopping, the trust is clearly lacking, with 3 out of 10 respondents saying that they have refrained from online shopping due to a fear of being hacked.

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Finns have increased their online-trust


The result of the Security Barometer report gives hope to Finnish retailers, as the Finns' trust in online shopping has increased since 2018. However, the respondents of the survey also expressed that they miss visiting stores, meaning Finnish retailers need to focus on unifying their online and offline channels in 2021. 

Read the Finnish results here

Norwegians are trusting and sceptical


Although Norwegians strongly believe online shopping to be safe, they are sceptical about letting private companies collect personal data, with half of the respondents saying they did not feel very certain or were not at all certain that private companies process their personal data in a satisfactory manner.

More about the Norwegian survey results


Webinar Cybersecurity 2021

Watch our on-demand webinar on Cybersecurity 2021: Security in the current climate

Are you updated on security trends in the current climate? Watch our webinar from January 2021 where, Sigrun Bock, Head of Cybersecurity Consulting, told us all about the status of cybersecurity and went through some of the findings from our recent cybersecurity survey, the Security Barometer. Read more and get link to webinar here. 

Keeping data and people safe

Only 1 percent fraud at DNB (!)


Banks and customers alike can do a lot to prevent payment cards being hacked and information falling into the wrong hands. Thanks to the transaction monitoring system developed by our experts in the Financial Crime Prevention team, only one percent of cards issued by DNB have been subject to fraud in the past six months. 

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Todays cyberthreats explained


Even though organizations use today's technology create digitalization for customers and citizens, the reasoning about cybersecurity threats are in many cases up to a decade old. We live in a new world in terms of technology; but cyberthreats are viewed as they were back in 2010. How can we be better prepared – today and tomorrow?

How to prepare for todays cybersecurity threats



Your guidebook to cybersecurity


Modern societies have grown heavily dependent on everything digital and this is why digital trust is an essential driver of all business. In our cybersecurity handbook you can learn more about how to improve cybersecurity for your organization, as well as all about how the current cyber trends and threats could impact your organization. 

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