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I "gamed" my way to a graduate adventure

My mentor and I have multiple meetings where we decided on the next steps and what I need to learn. Which helps me concentrate and learn the right things for my role.

Sebastian Gustafsson / December 04, 2020

My time at TietoEVRY has been an adventure, opening new doors and given me insight into the largest Tech company in the Nordics. I have got many exciting projects to participate in, and already had the chance to change departments and play movie star for an hour.

In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest asks his mother what his destiny is. She says he must figure it out himself. In TietoEVRY you get the chance to figure out yourself, but with good support from leaders and colleagues, where you can best use your knowledge by trying out different tasks and projects. 

Less stressful interview

My journey began in 2019 when I applied for a position as a graduate in Business/Economics. Little did I know where I would end up. Back then, the merge had not yet been fulfilled but was mentioned in media.

After completing the gamification test I was invited to an interview in Oslo. The interviews were split over two days, where I was introduced to the other candidates and some future colleagues.

I was able to relax and enjoy the interview experience and was positive surprised that the process was much less stressful than other interviews I been at. Some days later I received a phone call with an offer for the graduate position within PPA (Project, Program, and Advisory), which resulted in me moving from Molde to start building my career at TietoEVRY in Oslo. 

A few weeks before I started, I received information from TietoEVRY that both a mentor and a buddy would be waiting for me. They looked forward to my arrival in September, which made me even more eager to start my career within the tech industry.

A warm welcome 

My first two days at TietoEVRY consisted of virtual take-off days. Here, around 170 other newcomers from all the Nordic countries were gathered for a new adventure. In addition to getting an introduction to the organization we got to know each other, had fun, and worked together to solve different tasks!

Later that week, my leader at PPA Shaleen Sebastiampillai had gathered our unit to get to know each other better. We eat a nice dinner and got challenged by Shaleen to a game of darts.

At the office, I was slowly starting my new role as a project manager. And it was a lot to learn. My mentor and I had multiple meetings where we decided on the next steps and what I needed to learn. Which helped me concentrate and learn the right things for my role.

TietoEVRY encourage to boost your experience and career in different departments

After working as a graduate for a short while, I was proposed to assist in a role for implementing an ERP system. This meant that I had to change department if I wanted to be a part of the new project. In TietoEVRY you are encouraged to not limit your knowledge and change departments if it’s necessary to boost your experience and carrier. Taking initiative to some meetings with my possible colleagues and some of my old colleagues I decided to change department.

Life is like a box of chocolates

I was both excited and nervous to leave my department after only one month. However, this concern quickly disappeared as soon as I meet the team. On the first days, my new unit celebrated the signing of a large contract with a cake and hand sanitizer gel. Here they also welcomed me to the unit, and they were glad I chose them.

Nowadays my tasks consist of meetings, preparing for a Microsoft certification, and my two different roles in the new ERP implementation project. I recently fulfilled a Microsoft certification which I have been practicing for during the autumn.

I do a lot of different things, among others, we have done a PoC (Proof of Concept) for a vendor invoice automation process, and I had an introduction to my new work tasks. One day, one of my leaders even asked me to participate in a short photo season for a webinar about Cloud Solutions. Little, did I know we were supposed to create a short pitch/commercial movie!

Like Forest Gump, you never know what that piece of chocolate you just picked up taste like. What I do know, is that whatever I do, I have people supporting me and who believe in me. Here, at TietoEVRY, you can truly spread your wings.

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Sebastian Gustafsson
Solution Consultant

Sebastian is a newly graduated Master of Science in logistics from Molde University College. He joined TietoEVRY as a Project Manager but now works as a Solution Consultant, enrolled in the graduate program. He believes that among the best things about working for TietoEVRY is the focus on people with different backgrounds. 


Sebastian Gustafsson

Solution Consultant

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