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Outdated Steering of Roaming? You’re throwing good money away

Steering of Roaming (SoR) has extremely short payback time. Operators can easily save up to 40 per cent on their roaming costs – providing their solution is up to date.

Peter Olofsson / November 12, 2020

Most all operators use Steering of Roaming, but quite a few SoR solutions are simply at the end of their lifecycle. Steering of Roaming has a huge impact on the bottom line, so making sure you have a solution that serves operator needs now and in the future is indispensable.

The more roamers you have, the more you can save 

Steering of Roaming is a signaling-based solution that offers an efficient way to reduce the costs of outbound roaming. Preferred roaming allows a mobile operator to decide which partner their subscribers will use in roaming situations abroad.  

Take, for example, a home operator whose subscribers travel. The home operator pays a fee to operators abroad, depending on where the subscribers roam to. Some operators charge a lot. Others, not so much. The home operator could save as much 40 per cent in monthly fees, providing that its subscribers are directed to networks where they have the lowest fee. 

Cutting-edge Steering of Roaming brings the best savings 

TietoEVRY’s Evolved Signaling Controller solution is an all-in-one solution that seamlessly handles signaling control, routing and steering of roaming in 2G, 3G and 4G networks, as well as the upcoming 5G network. It allows home operators to direct traffic to the roaming partners with which they have the best agreements.  

This is all an automatic procedure resulting as great end-user experience, because subscribers also receive the same service level (e.g. 4G access) abroad that they are used to on their home network. The solution also helps in predicting the volume of traffic for each roaming partner and maintaining roaming agreements based on the volume of calls. 

The possibilities for choosing a roaming partner are numerous, including:  

  • Time of day  
  • Day of the week 
  • Day of year 
  • The region within a country 
  • A certain share of the load amongst roaming partners 


Our Steering of Roaming solution

We are pioneers in telecom core network signaling with a proven track-record of interworking with multiple vendors’ signaling elements. TietoEVRY’s Evolved Signaling Controller solution is easy to deploy and configurable to the different SoR rules that the home operator wishes to apply as the steering logic. 

Learn more about Steering of Roaming.

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Peter Olofsson
Senior Product Manager

Peter has extensive experience in product and business development in data and telecommunications fields. He has previously worked with Ericsson driving scalable signalling software and SMS solutions. He is experienced in IT project management, system architectures and software R&D.



Peter Olofsson

Senior Product Manager

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