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Graduate Program provides a quick way to adapt to the work culture

Big Data Graduate Hung feels that the Graduate Program is a great way to fully integrate into TietoEVRY's culture. As a Graduate he can fully contribute and make a difference.

Hung Nguyen / November 26, 2020

For me, it is important to understand the culture of the workplace and to fully adapt to it. TietoEVRY´s Graduate Program provides a great way to do that. I am happy to be part of a community where there is basically no gap between managers and employees.

In the summer 2020, I started to work as a Big Data trainee in the Healthcare Data Platform team at TietoEVRY. When my manager encouraged me to join the Graduate Program, I did not hesitate. It offered me a great opportunity to continue to work on interesting tasks with the same familiar team and to dive deeper into TietoEVRY’s culture and networks.

I have really enjoyed working here. I am part of the platform development team building a new framework for so-called Cloud infrastructure management. From the beginning, I have also been assigned to handle specific customer cases. This has been both interesting and demanding, and I am proud of it - making billable work right from the start is cool!

Culture of equality gives everyone same possibilities  

What I especially appreciate here is the fact that I can really choose what to do. There are more possibilities than one could imagine. For example, the learning session resources in the Graduate Program are like a huge tray offering tasty bites for everyone. While some sessions are recommended for all participants, it is our own responsibility to select the courses we are interested in.

Overall, the importance of finding one’s own path is both well communicated and supported here. Still, there is no rush or too much pressure. It is very nice to know that entering a certain position does not define your entire career. The freedom to choose strives from the culture of equality. We all have the same possibilities, and everyone chooses their own path. Therefore, I feel that I can fully contribute and make a difference here.

I really enjoy working in a company where there is basically no gap between managers and employees. Communication is equal and people are extremely helpful. Special thanks are due to my team members who have supported me extraordinarily well. No one abuses their power but uses it for the common good.

Growing personally and professionally

Becoming a high-level expert in an international professional environment, where basically everything is done in networks, requires both personal and professional growth. Especially networking and interaction skills are very important for success. This is well arranged in the Graduate Program. Normally, participants have two dedicated senior colleagues supporting them, a so-called buddy who helps with day-to-day affairs and a mentor who supports professional growth.

I have a mentor who has taken on both roles. He is both very supportive and highly experienced. It is my honour to get help from such a person who is dedicated to encourages me to learn more. We have a very close relationship as we are both located in Tampere and share the same room.

My experiences are very positive. I saw this as an opportunity to understand and adapt to the work culture. So far, my expectations have been met. Everything is very well organised from both a technical and a personal perspective. I feel good here.

If you are considering to apply to the Graduate Program, I highly recommend it!

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Hung Nguyen
Big Data Engineer

Hung is a newly graduated Bachelor of Science in IT from Tampere University. He joined TietoEVRY as a Big Data summer trainee and continued to the Graduate Program. He feels that the Graduate Program is a great way to fully integrate into TietoEVRY's culture. 




Hung Nguyen

Big Data Engineer

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