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Diving into unfamiliar technologies and industries - my journey as a graduate

Simen tells us about how he found his place to grow in the Financial Crime Prevention team.

Simen Berg / November 11, 2020

When I started the position, I was looking forward to the day when I would feel like I knew everything, but now I realize that I hope that day never comes.

In December 2019 I started working for Tietoevry’s Financial Crime Prevention team through the Graduate Program. Since I had already finished my business degree and my manager was as eager as me to get me started working in the business development team, I was lucky to be onboarded early.

During my final year of studies, I had the opportunity to work on a consultancy assignment for (then) Tieto. This was a great experience and the project piqued my interest for Tieto as a potential employer. When I later found out that Tieto and EVRY were joining forces to become the largest IT company in the Nordics, the newly merged firm quickly rose to the top of my list of potential employers.

As a graduate student, I had been through several exhausting recruitment processes. When it came to Tietoevry, I was positively surprised by how welcoming the process was. It made me feel like they were genuinely trying to find out how and where I could bring the most potential to the company, as well as how the company could provide the most value to me.

On the final day of interviews Gunnar Koren, who’s Head of Financial Crime Prevention, came into the waiting room. He had just been informed about the process and had 30 minutes available in his packed schedule, so he went to see if there were any interesting candidates available. After his introduction of the position I had seven minutes left before my last interview, so I took him to the side and expressed how interested I was in working with Financial Crime Prevention.

Two days later, I was asked when I could start!

Today I am working in a field that I had never even heard of a year ago, and with technologies I had absolutely no experience with. Every single day I learn something new, which I love. When I started the position, I was looking forward to the day when I would feel like I knew everything, but now I realize that I hope that day never comes.

To be a part of Tietoevry’s Graduate Program has been a major advantage for me as a rookie in the working life. Not only do I get a lot of opportunities to learn and be a part of exciting projects, but I also enjoy that part of the program also focuses on networking activities. In a large company such as Tietoevry, there are so many different sections and hubs of knowledge which you get access to by expanding your network. The people you form connections with will teach you new things and utilizing their knowledge will oftentimes make your job a whole lot easier.

After almost a year in the job, I have had the opportunity to work on a lot of interesting projects. Some of these them include the implementation of a new CRM system, developing a comprehensive market analysis, planning a big customer conference, and planning a development strategy in the midst of a merger process.

Thinking back, I could not have been happier with the way my career has started. Joining the Tietoevry Graduate Program has truly kick-started my career as well as given me lots of experience that make me feel confident about the direction I’m headed in.  

My recommendation to students in their final year, whether in business or tech, is to start your preparations early. At this very moment, you may not need to know exactly what you want to work in for the rest of your career, but you should make sure to find an employer that will give you the opportunity to explore and perhaps find out. For me, that place has been Tietoevry and its Financial Crime Prevention team.

Final 3-word summary:

Three words that describe my time at Tietoevry so far: Exciting, challenging, and most of all, FUN.


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Simen Berg
Junior Consultant

I started as a graduate in TietoEVRY in 2020, working with Business Development within the Financial Crime Prevention team. Before starting here I completed my MSc Business at BI Norwegian Business School, with a major in Strategy. 


Simen Berg

Junior Consultant

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