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On an expedition to future possibilities - Graduate journey kicked off!

As a young professional, it is not always easy to decide which path to follow. Niko feels that TietoEVRY´s Graduate Program is a great help in finding a direction for the future.

Niko Eklund / October 19, 2020

Jumping right into the Graduate Program after three months of summer training at TietoEVRY’s Service Desk was just perfect for me. Compared to the ordinary recruitment and hiring process, this gives much, much more.

During the program, me and my 100 peers all had the possibility to get a helicopter view of basically all the opportunities TietoEVRY offers. Right in the beginning, we were all paired up with our own personal mentor and buddy who are dedicated to helping us with basically whatever we need to know to succeed. Discussions with buddy have been very helpful when facing new challenges after the summer training.

The Graduate Program includes several Learning Tracks to choose from. I joined the Specialist Track and I am looking forward to what it will have to offer.

Everything is possible here

This is how I feel right now. A global company with almost 24 000 colleagues has impressed me both with its vastness and the high level of expertise of the team members. There are hundreds of possibilities available, and that is what really thrills me.

Of course, moving forward on your career always requires proactiveness and self-knowledge. Therefore, we have also started to learn reflection techniques - the 70-20-10 Model for Learning and Development has been a useful tool to boost our effectiveness by supporting all three types of learning: experiental (70), social (20) and formal (10). I have already noticed that learning by doing suits me better than sitting in lectures.

The culture here encourages people to seek their passion and core competencies. Everyone here is helped to find a right job in which they can utilize their strengths in the best way. Seeing and hearing all this gives me motivation and trust that this is a place where I can grow and create my own path, where everything is possible.

Network of talented people

It was great to join the first Graduate Program organized in Finland with a couple of other soon-to-be graduating or recently graduated colleagues from here! We all entered a living community of hundreds of peers, wonderful mentors, and trainers.

Meeting new people is one of the most important things to me. It is great to get to know other young talents and experienced experts sharing the same visions and values. I also believe that good networking skills are very important for future career. It is somehow almost unbelievable that all the people I have met during the last months have been so nice. People are always willing to help, which makes meeting new people even more rewarding.

All in all, if I were to compare the Graduate Program to something more familiar, I would describe it as an extensive orientation. But that does not give it justice. This simply is a unique way to learn about both work life and digitalization here at TietoEVRY.

My journey as a Graduate at TietoEVRY has just started - I am building on my future here, with all the support I need. Awesome, isn´t it? So, if you are planning to apply next year, go for it! Read more here

The recruitment for the graduate program in Norway, Sweden and Finland has started - Apply now!

Niko Eklund
Specialist, Power Cloud Capacity Engineering

Soon-to-be graduating engineer Niko Eklund is completing his Bachelor studies degree at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He is majoring in Engineering in Information and Communication Technology.


Niko Eklund

Specialist, Power Cloud Capacity Engineering

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