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Impacting society as a graduate part of a world-class team

Believe in yourself and have courage to try different things - you can suddenly find yourself making your dream come true. At least that is how I found my passion and dream job here at TietoEVRY.

Nea Keitaanpää / October 28, 2020

Before I started as a graduate in the Identity and Access Management team here at TietoEVRY I had basically no experience from information security.

The last six weeks have been a true eye-opener for me.The extent to which we deal with information security issues and automation is huge both at technical and human levels.

Working with the latest technologies and digital services with millions of end-users makes me humble and proud. We truly have a positive impact on the whole Finnish society. This gives true meaning to my work, and I feel like I have arrived home. This is what I want to do. Realizing this in just a few weeks is both amazing and meaningful to me.

Before the graduate program, I was not sure about where the future would take me. 

Applying learned skills to the real world

My path has not been the straightest. I am an airplane technician and soon-to-be graduated IT automation engineer. So, I have already studied quite a lot.

Therefore, it is mind-blowing to see how the things I have learned during my studies relate to the real world, and in a whole new context. What is even more fascinating is understanding how much I can develop in this everchanging field of expertise.

I am on a cumulative learning curve. Day by day I get more demanding tasks to do. Sometimes I even feel desperate – how can I ever become as great an expert as my colleagues? Being a member of one of the world’s best teams in identity and access management is challenging and very motivating. I know that the better I get, the better I can help people avoid the dangers of the Internet, for example.

A leading philosophy that motivates to exceed myself

What I wrote above also describes well the principles of leading here at TietoEVRY. We are all always supported, treated kindly as part of the community and help is always available. Still, we are expected to make our own decisions and be self-directed right from the beginning.

Support for newcomers is also very well organized. For example, I joined the first Graduate Program arranged here in Finland. It is a well-structured, extensive orientation to TietoEVRY´s culture, tools and work practices. It has proven to be a great way to integrate into a small town-sized company and share thoughts with peers in same situation. If I had any extra hopes, I would love to spend even more time networking.

I have three dedicated people helping me in taking my first steps. They all seem to follow the same leading philosophy

I chose to apply to TietoEVRY because I saw that it offers many opportunities as an industry leader and offers extensive support to newcomers. And boy, how happy I am I made it here! I would absolutely recommend working here because of the whole package.

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Nea Keitaanpää
IAM Trainee

Soon-to-be graduated IT automation engineer Nea Keitaanpää who believes one should never say never without trying first. She encourages everyone to follow their gut feeling. These two principles led her to TietoEVRY´s Identity and Access Management team to find her true passion.


Nea Keitaanpää

IAM Trainee

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