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Production management improves quality and productivity – but how do we achieve large-scale benefits in health and social care?

Tommi Koistinen / September 30, 2020

The comprehensive development of social and health care production management requires extensive expertise.

There is need for understanding social and healthcare processes, customer and patient information systems, and system-independent production management as well as analytics solutions. The parallel development of this entity enables impressive cost-effective services and processes that are managed with operational information.

Start with developing all operations

A prerequisite for optimizing the operations of the entire organization is that the sub-processes support the goals of the overall desired benefit. When aiming to optimize an individual sub-process, for example, a business unit, this may not support the development of other business units or the organization as whole.

Thus, it is worth starting the change of operations from the big picture perspective with a clear definition of the overall benefits that would ideally be achieved for the selected service entity.

Better service experience

Production management results in smooth and cost-effective service and maintenance paths that cross service and sector boundaries and better meet customers’ service needs. The customer’s transition between the different stages of the service path are seamless, and the utilization of service providers’ resources is optimized.

Production management also ensures that the necessary measures have been taken in every stage of the service path, and advance information is passed on to the next stages. The smooth progress of the service path between different actors enables a better service experience for the customer.

Control costs

The system-independent production management solution facilitates the planning of service production in different time spans according to the service needs and requirements of the operating environment. Improvements to the service production productivity can be achieved by optimizing resource utilization rates and ensuring the efficient use of the most critical resources, such as operating theatres.

It is also possible to react faster to changes in the planned service paths, also informing various actors about the changes is smoother. In this way, the share of different actors can be optimized so that service production runs as efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive management of health and social care services

In the future, service paths will be increasingly managed across sectoral boundaries, which emphasizes the importance of production management as a system-independent solution that combines operations and information. It is important to understand the specifics of different sectors. Hence the processes that guide operations and the information that flows through the interfaces of information systems can be harmonized and developed to serve the whole. 

Good starting point for joint development

The time to develop production management is now. TietoEVRY’s extensive experience in both customer and patient information systems, and the special features of social and health provides an excellent starting point. Now we want to further develop the social and healthcare production management solution collaboratively with other players in the game.

Customer and patient information systems produce increasingly structural information about the different stages and progress of care and services. This facilitates the development and utilization of new types of production management solutions.

The best result is achieved through open and close joint development, based on the requirements of social and health care operations and smooth usability. Continuous dialogue coupled with the agility of modern software development ensures that the solution provided meets the exact challenge that have been identified through production management. This could be the optimal utilization of common resources. Want to discuss further?

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Mikko Mäntynen
Area Product Owner, Production Management

Mikko is an expert in resource management and optimization in the healthcare product management unit at TietoEVRY.

Tommi Koistinen
Lead Product Manager, Production Management

Tommi is an expert on new product creation in the healthcare product management unit at TietoEVRY. He is excited about the possibilities that production management can bring to social and healthcare sector.


Tommi Koistinen

Lead Product Manager, Production Management

Mikko Mäntynen

Area Product Owner, Production Management

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