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A place where future talents can challenge themselves

Not only did we get tons of new knowledge, exciting experiences and interesting projects to run, but we also felt warmly welcomed. We were part of the crew from the beginning.

Sonja & Iiris / September 28, 2020

"Starting a summer job is always exciting. Especially when we are talking about a leading company in the digitalization industry in the Nordics. After three months, it is not an exaggeration to say that TietoEVRY got into our hearts.’’

This is how Sonja and Iiris, summer 2020 Business Development Trainees, sum up their three months at TietoEVRY. Let them tell you why.

True action from the start!

Sometimes you hear stories about summer trainees doing stuff no one else wants to do. But not here. As our first assignments, we both made market approaches – Sonja for Financial Services and Iiris for Manufacturing. After these separate projects, we became peers.

Together, we created a toolkit for the local partnerships in Finland and formed a Post-COVID19 industry view for the Finnish market. We also finalized a follow-up analysis on workhour reservations to improve our billability and reservation levels to reach full efficiency. Iiris even took over the Instagram Stories and participated in the culture hackathon. And we both got the chance to share our summer experiences through this blog post, which was thrilling!

Our work was guided and evaluated according to the same criteria as everyone else’s. This made us try even harder and, eventually, we were truly proud of what we had achieved. We had the possibility to utilize all our experience and business insight gained from our studies.

We are still amazed of how much can happen in just three months.

Culture of helping

The support from our wonderful managers and colleagues was a key factor that helped us to manage as well as we did. Having a trainee partner was also valuable – someone to brainstorm and share your feelings with on a daily basis gave us both strengths to push forward, towards more and more demanding tasks. It also brought a lot of joy to our days.

What surprised us a bit was that the feeling of togetherness and collaboration did not suffer even when COVID-19 had us working mainly remotely. It was always easy to find help and to get to know people. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. In fact, the “new normal” turned out to work well, as it offered a great flexibility to decide, for example, where we wanted to work or when to start the day. Despite this unusual time, we also managed to hang out together outside of work, in various smaller events.

Learning as a lifestyle

From day one, it was obvious to us that here learning is a lifestyle.

Most of the projects and daily work required continuous learning. Not just from us, but from everyone. Of course, we as trainees had the highest learning curve on the IT industry, the solutions TietoEVRY provides and, for example, on how to utilize Excel in data analysis. It was also fruitful to learn how to present our own insights in a professional way to experienced audiences.

So, if we say that our summer was insightful and diverse, and that the experience was superb, we truly mean that. We would absolutely recommend working as a trainee at TietoEVRY to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and has an interest in digital solutions.   

We even feel a bit sad to leave as studies continue! But who knows, maybe we’ll be back here one day!

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Sonja & Iiris
Business Development Trainees

Sonja Alkio and Iiris Teirikko spent their summer as Business Development Trainees at TietoEVRY. Sonja is Completing a Bachelor´s degree at Hanken School of Economics and Iiris is studying as a Master student in LUT University. 



Sonja & Iiris

Business Development Trainees

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