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The best of both worlds – my career as an Ice Hockey champion and a Test Automation Specialist

What is it like to pursue two careers at the same time? Read how Ella is scoring goals both on the ice rink and at Tietoevry as a Test Automation Specialist.

Ella Viitasuo / April 17, 2020

I was looking for work opportunities to finish the mandatory training for my degree in Information and Communication Technology when I came across Tietoevry’s posting for a Junior Test Automation Specialist. During my job search, one of my main priorities was to find a place where I could continue to pursue my ice hockey career at the top level.

During my interview at Tietoevry, I said that it was important to me that I can continue playing and training hard and that I might need some time off for the national team camps. Even though I thought that it might limit my chances of getting the job, I had to say it, so it wouldn’t become an issue later.   

And I got the job! As Test Automation Specialist, I now conduct automated test cases for software projects. Tests run overnight, and my daily work consist of making new tests and maintaining and investigating the results of the old test cases. I use the Robot Framework, but I am curious to see what other tools I can learn to use in the future.  

With Tietoevry, I have the opportunity to grow in two careers at once, building on both my formal education and 13 years of ice hockey. I have been playing ice hockey for approximately 13 years. My sports career has spanned different teams, but right now I play on the Kiekko-Espoo women’s team. I have two Finnish championships, one Olympic bronze medal and the historic 2019 World Championship silver medal.  

So how have I managed both of my careers? 

It has not always been easy, to be honest, but  have figured out a balance that works for me. As it turned out, everyone here at Tietoevry has been very supportive about my athletic career – and I’m grateful for being able to fulfil two of my career goals at the same time.

I have agreed on a 30-hour workweek with my manager, so I have enough energy for both my work and for training. What has proven to be very helpful is flexible working hours that allow me to attend morning practices and modify my workday to fit my training and game schedule – and to work longer hours when I have a chance.  

There are also two gyms at Tietoevry headquarters, which has been useful for my off-ice training. I go to the gym quite regularly, once or twice a week. One of the gyms is on the top floor next to a yoga studio, which I use for stretching while admiring its view of the sea.  

The best of both worlds – learnings and future goals  

One of the most important things that ice hockey has taught me is how to be a team player and work together. That is a skill that I use in my daily work at Tietoevry. Working with others always teaches me something new, and helping others is very fulfilling. 

Based on my experience, the most important requirement when combining two careers is to communicate with your manager and project team openly and frequently, so you can work out a schedule that supports both your athletic and work responsibilities.

My goals and dreams for the future are to continue combining both of my passions. Within the tech industry, I will want to finish my Master's degree in Information Technology, continue to develop my skills as a tester and perhaps incorporate more information security into my work. And in sports, my next goal is to play in the 2022 Olympics.    

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Ella Viitasuo
Test Automation Specialist

Ella works as Test Automation Specialist and is studying to become an engineer in Information and Communication Sciences focusing on Cyber Security.   


Ella Viitasuo

Test Automation Specialist

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