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“Interesting projects and a variety of technologies made TietoEVRY appealing”

At TietoEVRY, every new starter begins their journey with onboarding days called TietoEVRY Take Off. We interviewed two of the participants to hear their first impressions about the company.

Anna Gulliksen / February 27, 2020

The IT industry is booming. New digital solutions are in demand and so are the people with tech knowledge. At TietoEVRY, more than 3,700 talents were recruited last year.

A group of new employees in Norway have started their first day at TietoEVRY Fornebu. They are attending the onboarding days where they get to learn more about the company and meet their new colleagues.

“Having recently moved to Norway, the onboarding days are helpful to me in understanding the business culture here. I heard from friends already working here that this is a good place to work, with interesting projects and a variety of technologies. This made TietoEVRY appealing.” says Shefali Sharma, newly hired Integration Consultant from India.

We are always looking for new talent – would you fit in?

The newly recruited employees attending the Take Off days in Fornebu come from a number of different countries. They will work at different TietoEVRY offices spread across Norway. Most of them have a tech-related background, the other new joiners represent economists, project leaders, human resources, and more. Some are straight out of higher education while others have years of experience in the IT industry. TietoEVRY needs all of them.

“Ever since I was an undergrad student at OsloMet, I have heard a lot of good things about TietoEVRY. They were always present at job fairs and the campus, known as a good place to work.” Says Arthika Surendran, newly hired Network Delivery Manager.

Having attended the onboarding day, one statement stuck with her:

“We were told, “welcome to freedom!” – we are encouraged to be ourselves at work. If you really like Mickey Mouse, no one will stop you from wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. It’s quite informal compared to many other companies.”

Arthika Surendran (left) and Shefali Sharma (right) on their first day at TietoEVRY.

How do we recruit the best?

TietoEVRY is in constant need of new talent. Succeeding as a company means succeeding with the people working there. This is why TietoEVRY is always looking for new people to recruit, to attract the most competent tech people from all over the world.

We focus on three things to attract the right people:

Employer brand: At the core of the recruitment process and communication with potential candidates is the candidate experience. We need to have a process that is candidate-oriented and perceived as fair, transparent and relevant. That is why we are the first Nordic company to use gamification on a big scale when recruiting graduates and interns. When candidates actually meet us face-to-face, we can focus on getting to know each other.

Transparency: We have a recruitment process that is fair, objective and relevant.

Efficiency: Recruiting must be highly automated and data-driven– when handling thousands of applicants, we need an automated approach.

We are looking for employees who are people-oriented, able to handle and complete work assignments, collaborate with others, and build relationships.

Would you like to join us? Check out our open positions and apply now! 

Anna Gulliksen
Head of Talent Acquisition

  • Passionate about Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand.
  • Excited about building a culture and workforce based on engagement, diversity and equal rights.
  • Love to use new technology in order to increase fairness and objectivity.


Anna Gulliksen

Head of Talent Acquisition

Open positions

Career at TietoEVRY

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