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Little did I know I would fall in love with this place

Fayez Farhana shares her thoughts on inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace. Fayez is originally from Saudi Arabia and joined Tieto in 2018 as a SAP technical consultant.

Farhana Fayez / June 28, 2019

People power

When it comes to curating a modern data-driven society, Tieto is doing a lot of cool and innovative things on the tech and digitalization fronts. And as a company, we create value by trying to be as customer centric as possible in everything we do. We have realized that organizations are not made up of silos, business units or new departments of complex strategy, but rather people. One could even say that there is only one dimension to an organization – the ever so humble human dimension.

In fact, the dialogue between diversity and inclusion should be something more than just a cherry on top of an organization. Apart from broader initiatives and goals, inclusiveness at work can be simple and small. It can be a shared attitude or an actual place where you can unwind and rejuvenate. It can also be non-alcoholic beverages at company events or the usage of gender-neutral language. So, it is no coincidence that inclusiveness resonates in the Finnish language as the pronouns he and she are replaced by just one word, hän.

Positively open

To me, community building is one of the biggest building blocks of inclusiveness in the workplace. When I joined Tieto, in-house professional networks like Tieto Ambassadors and Young Professionals were a great way to get to know people around the company and make new friends. I immediately felt like I was part of a community with common interests and values.

I also realized how Tieto’s entire company culture is inspired by open-source innovation and how it gives people an opportunity to come to work as who they are. When there is no need to put up a façade, it’s so much easier to focus on your work and make a positive difference.  

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Interested in reading more how Tieto takes pride in diversity and equality? Read a blog written by my colleague Julius Manni.


Farhana Fayez
SAP technical consultant


Farhana Fayez

SAP technical consultant

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