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Life as a Lead Developer and Architect in Tieto CEM

I have been working in Tieto CEM for 2 years now as a Lead Developer and Architect. Read my story.

Salar Kaboli / January 29, 2019

In a nutshell, I design and develop the systems that rest of the people are working with and help project teams to do the tasks that they are doing. At the same time I am building tools and products for our Tieto CX Cloud architecture. And last but not least, I help newcomers and juniors with their work.

I got interested in coding already as a child after watching hacker movies. I started self-studying programming when I was 12 and continued with that path. I started learning different coding languages and had my first job in programming when I was 15. After high school I studied English for a while but then decided to concentrate on programming full-time.

Back in Iran I teamed up with a partner and founded a startup which was quite successful. Startup was a great way to learn programming and web development. During that time I also wrote online columns, gave interviews, attended conferences and held workshops about mobile programming. I also did consulting for big companies in the programming area.

During the last year in Iran, I had a difficult time and noticed a job opportunity in Finland. I applied and weirdly got the job. When I arrived in Finland in 2013, there weren't a lot immigrants in programming roles so it was quite challenging to adjust to the Finnish environment.

After a while I wanted a change and started going through different companies. One that caught my eye the most was Tieto CEM. I had some friends working in CEM who forwarded my CV to the team. Initially there weren't any open positions in programming but the team wanted to see what we could come up with and hired me as a Senior Software Engineer. After a year I got promoted to a Lead Developer position and now I also work as an Architect.

One thing that I really like about CEM is the lack of hierarchy. Everyone has the autonomy to make their own work-related decisions. There is also a lot of equality. Half of my team members are women, which is great. People here respect women, which you don't see every day in other technology companies. Overall people here are respectful and nice. Despite your background you feel welcomed. We don't care where you are from and what your language is, what matters is your competence.

Why I would encourage others to join Tieto CEM is the fact that we appreciate a good work-life balance. People don't expect you to do way more that you can do and you have enough time to rewind after work. Outside work I still have enough energy to focus on other things, which is important since I also have my own company.

Fun fact about me: I'm inspired by space exploration. I have always wanted to work in the space industry as a developer because I am intrigued by the fact that humans can travel to places far away from here.

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Salar Kaboli
Tieto alumni


Salar Kaboli

Tieto alumni

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