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The best partnerships benefit all parties. This is why we tie our goals to yours.

Markku Luoma-Aho / July 04, 2018

The prime reason a Nordic financial services company chooses an ICT partner is to increase profit. Higher net income can come from a variety of sources: new sales channels, increased turnover, better customer retention, lower expenses, increased efficiency, innovations, or a combination of the above.

Tieto aligns our goals with yours, and to prove it we can set our pricing to match your measurable goals. To put it simply, we can be paid for different levels of results, which is exactly how it should be.

Develop your business

Financial services are undergoing a rebirth, fuelled by market, social and government forces. Now the industry is ripe for business development, such as finding new growth or increasing efficiency.

Tieto can help you define your goals and how to reach them. We work with you as a true partner, helping to determine the mix of in-house experts and outside vendors, which development method to use and which platform works.

Find that growth

You can find growth above the industry average, even in commodity markets like Nordic pensions and insurance. This is done by differentiating yourself from the competition, and this, in turn, is done by focusing on the end customer and making their lives easier and better.

This is easier said than done, but the solution could be an ecosystem. Tieto builds ecosystems, helping to find common targets and benefits for all members which adds value to your offering.

Use agile methods when appropriate

Traditional or agile? It depends upon you and what you want to achieve, and we can help you choose. Traditional methods are still valid in some situations, but in other cases they are too slow, too expensive, and the results don’t meet your expectations.

Agile development can be more flexible, faster, and can result in increased innovation. It can lead to impressive results as long as discipline is used during the process.

Smart source

As you decide which methods to use, you also need to choose who does the work and where it is carried out. Inhouse or vendors? Onsite or offshore? Smart sourcing can be the solution, because it gives the right people the right tasks in the right place. It offers speed, flexibility, resource efficiency, renewing expertise and scalability.

With five decades’ experience, 14,000 experts and a presence in 19 countries, Tieto has been using smart sourcing before it was a buzzword.

Partner with us

We firmly believe that you won’t find a better ICT partner than us. Tieto offers half a century of experience, cross-industry expertise, the size to get any size project completed, a good reputation in the financial services industry, robust platforms and last but not least, we align our goals with yours. This can even be written into our agreement, so that our pay is based on real results.

If you would like to learn more about how Tieto can be your partner and provide real results to your bottom line, please contact me to set up an appointment. You can also find my posts on other important topics here.

Markku Luoma-Aho
Head of Financial Services, Tietoevry, Finland


Markku Luoma-Aho

Head of Financial Services, Tietoevry, Finland

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