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The need for collaboration: Public and Private organizations major challenge

Peter Österdahl / July 11, 2018

Did you know that there are more than 1,000 municipalities within 50 counties just in the Nordics? Think about that number for a second; 1,050 organizations!

My initial idea for this blogpost was to have a complete overview of all public organizations. Let’s just say I gave up that idea pretty quickly. There are so many of them, so to not spend too much time doing research for the correct number of organizations, it is easier to focus on the 1,050. These are the municipalities and counties where you and I live along with more than 20 million people. It's where our loved ones live. These are also the homes of more than 3 million small, medium and large businesses. It is where all of your loved ones work, have worked, or want to work.

We rely on one another, the private and public sector that is.  No business = no taxes, no taxes = no welfare. We are cooperating in so many areas, we are building roads, providing daycare, running hospitals and more, everything in private-public cooperation. And overall, we are quite successful doing so.

But there is one area where there is almost no collaboration. The collaboration around Cyber Security. In my previous job,  I came to realize that the security industry and its engineers exchanged newly discovered malware. It went both ways and it still does. Some vendor discovered a new Advanced Malware, which they immediately shared with their industry peers, the result: Better protection for all.

So let's face it. Cyber security is something that we need to work on together. We have to realize that we can't do it all by ourselves. Just look at trying to recruit skilled security professionals these days. If you find the right one, well, then you need another ten to be able to manage a service 24/7 to protect against threats. Think about the public sector organizations far north in the Nordics. They might find one homecomer, but then there is the additional nine missing. For a Managed Security Provider, MSP, such as Tieto it might be a bit easier, but the cyber security professionals are hunted like reindeer these days.

In order to face current and future security challenges we need to solve this gap between private and public sector. So, how do we do that? Well, we all need a space to exchange ideas, share best practices which allows transparency. We can all learn from one another, public from private organisations and vice versa. Creating a smarter society - which implies embedded overall security - is something we need to do together. The question is, will you join us?   

Want to know more about how public and private sector can work together? Get in touch with me.

Peter Österdahl
Business Developer, Security Services

Peter has a long track record of helping businesses increase their security posture. With a curious mindset and a geek's mentality towards technology, Peter helps customers navigate through the enormous security landscape to achieve the best possible outcome. This curiosity led to a deep dive into GDPR and the many challenges our customers and their consumers face, to better understand and advise on how security can play a supportive role in order to obtain compliance. Peter has a background from companies such as F-Secure, Atea as well as Nordic startups.

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