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Fimea introduces VirastoVahva system to streamline and optimize case management

16 June 2020

Fimea, the Finnish Medicines Agency, has this spring successfully deployed a new case and document management system that provides greater efficiency, a user-friendly interface and a host of other benefits. Fimea is utilizing VirastoVahva, the modern and user-oriented case, document and archive management system from Valtori, the Government ICT Centre. VirastoVahva is based on the information-secure and certified TietoEVRY’s Public 360° product. The system supports best practices in document management, such as location-independent work, increased transparency in case handling, as well as information management and operational efficiency thanks to targeted and easy-to-find information.

In Finland, government agencies like Fimea can use VirastoVahva as a cloud-based SaaS service or bring it into their own server environment. VirastoVahva is developed in seamless co-operation with Vahva, the system that Finland’s ministries use, which supports the improved flow of information.

“Compared to the previous case management system, Vahva is more user-friendly and has several features that make the work of experts easier. Thanks to the new features, we can also handle tasks previously not possible,” says Sari Kujala, Director at Fimea.

“VirastoVahva is a key product of Valtori's case management platform service enabling the customers to develop their operations towards location-independent and real-time work. Digital information management at different stages of its lifecycle helps the customers to streamline their operations. Today, it is important that the information that is handled is consistent, user-oriented and easy to find,” says Jari Virtanen, Director, Services at Valtori.

“Fimea's information management has improved significantly as they have introduced a new generation case management system that will better support Fimea's experts in their work. The modular, scalable and easy-to-use solution also aids decision-making when the necessary data is readily available,” says Kimmo Hannus, Sales Director at TietoEVRY.

For more information:

Kimmo Hannus, Sales Director, TietoEVRY,, +358 40 524 5203

Jari Virtanen, Director, Services, Valtori,, +358 295 50 5851

Sari Kujala, Director, Fimea,, +358 295 22 3610

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