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Public 360° service sees strong traction among Norwegian municipalities

Onboarded almost 20 000 new users to Public 360° , as a cloud service, so far in 2020 – and that is in Norway alone.

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03 June 2020

As we approach the mid-point of 2020, TietoEVRY has so far this year onboarded almost 20 000 new users to the Public 360°, delivered  as a SaaS solution  – and that is in Norway alone.

Public 360° is a case and document management system used by public sector bodies across the Nordics, enabling them to reduce resource use. More and more municipalities are taking the solution into use, including several at Nordmøre.

“We had a major digital wake-up call due to the coronavirus pandemic! It’s a good thing that we went for the Public 360° cloud service,” says Kathrine Tømmervåg, Advisor and Project Manager at IKT ORKidé*, which oversees the digital transformation of Nordmøre’s nine municipalities.

“Because this is a SaaS solution, we were able to quickly set up remote office for caseworkers across the area. The change to Public 360° is the largest system change the member municipalities have implemented since the adoption of a new digital strategy.

Now there are 1,200 employees at Nordmøre working in this new tool, and we’re confident that it will contribute to increased efficiency and quality of case management for all stakeholders and users of Public 360°.”

More time for important tasks

Public 360° is a complete platform for case, document and records management. The service combines smart functionality for collaboration, relationship management and performance management, making it easy to find, share and update information, while providing the foundation for efficient, transparent and secure citizen services.

“Customers will always have the latest updated version of the software and thus do not have to think about an upgrade run for new versions. Improvements and new features are continuous, as are bug fixes – typically, they will arrive before users even have discovered them,” says Simen Myrum, Customer and Sales Director Public 360° at TietoEVRY Norway.

Customers first

In designing Public 360°, TietoEVRY has carefully considered the users' perspective. The focus has been on developing user-friendly and flexible solutions that enable the users to do their job as efficiently as possible. In version 5 of Public 360 °, the user interface has been further modernized and improved.

“It is incredibly rewarding and inspiring to work with this fantastic team that develops and delivers a product that really contributes to increased digitalization for the public sector,” says Torben Winther Kristensen, Head of Public 360 ° at TietoEVRY.

Contact information:

Simen Myrum, Customer and Sales Director Public 360° at TietoEVRY Norway:


*IKT ORKidé consist of the following municipalities: Averøy, Aure, Gjemnes, Halsa, Kristiansund, Rindal, Smøla, Sunndal, Surnadal og Tingvoll

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