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Do you have a Cloud strategy, but are stuck?

This is why you need to get started!

Martin Sveum / March 20, 2022

Cloud computing has become an increasingly important part of company strategies. Here are five good reasons why a cloud strategy tailored to your business is the surest way you can reach your business goals.

Technology must support your business strategy, and the best, simplest and most effective way to ensure that technology supports your business strategy is to use cloud computing.

Why does the cloud support your business strategy better than having your own server room on premise, your own hardware and your own software that is partly tailored to your company’s needs?

You can find an in-depth answer below, but among other things, the cloud helps companies reduce the time it takes to launch a product or service. Cloud services support better customer experiences and customer satisfaction. And the cloud provides greater flexibility in terms of capacity, access to services and scalability.

Technology is becoming increasingly important as companies enter the market with their products and services. Today, in practice, all companies have become technology companies. At the same time, technology is evolving faster and faster at an impressive rate, and most of the technological development we see today is happening in the cloud.

When planning a cloud strategy, you should start by considering what the market will look like in the future and what technologies your business needs to fit into the future. Get an overview of the systems and services your business already has and consider what you need. Will there be changes in how your business delivers its products and services in the future, and will it require systems or services that are different from what you have today? Should it be built on its own data center? Is the cloud expertise in place?

If you have these elements in order, you are well on your way to a good cloud strategy. Nevertheless, it must be ensured that the cloud investment is aligned with the overall business goals of the business.

Cloud strategy: a platform for business strategy

The reason why cloud services are the best way for technology to support your business strategy is that you get and pay for what you need – exactly when you need it.

Below, we list five good reasons why a cloud strategy adapted to your business will also support your business strategy and allow you to reach your business goals.


From Capex to Opex

Through Cloud Services, IT infrastructure services are changed from capital-intensive investments in advance (Capex), to expenses that can be taken over by operations (Opex). This allows you to use the company's funds where it provides the best ROI strategically and you can link IT expenses directly to the IT services you need.


Security has become increasingly important in an ever more digital world. The cloud gives businesses access to better security solutions, such as services tailored to your business needs. While many security solutions can be on-prem solutions, it is time consuming and complicated to set them up.


The coronavirus pandemic has illustrated the benefit of having a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. Many companies and industries have had to reduce activity, while others have experienced strong growth. With the cloud, costs can be reduced in step with use, while you have instant access to additional resources as needed.


The coronavirus pandemic has also illustrated the advantage of having IT services and data available at all times, no matter where you are and what device you are using. Cloud services allow people and/or systems to be connected without physical boundaries.

Time to market

With the cloud, the time it takes to get services into the market is greatly reduced. With instant access to computer resources, the idea can be designed, prototyped, tested and put into production without having to wait for the IT department to order machines and software, for the supplier to have this delivered.

We help large and small companies in various industries to propose the next step in their cloud journey through a standardized and well-documented framework. We can also help you, through our services within «Cloud Advisory», which you can read more about here.

Download this guide on how to associate your business goals with cloud investing.

Jan Prestmo
Cloud Advisor
Martin Sveum
Cloud Advisor, Tietoevry Connect


Martin Sveum

Cloud Advisor, Tietoevry Connect

Jan Prestmo

Cloud Advisor

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