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How cloud backup can support your business when working remote

Petr Magula / December 10, 2021

Over the past year, as remote work has become more commonplace, so have cloud-based products that enable streamlined collaboration such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. These cloud tools are making it easier than ever for teams to work together effectively, but as the data we create grows, so does the need for solutions that simplify the ability to filter through, manage, and protect it.

Here are 4 benefits of Cloud Storage while working from home

  • Improved Accessibility

The phrase “working from home” suggests employees can only do work have access to while confined in their house. However, cloud storage allows for a more wide-spread accessibility and efficiency.

Storing and organizing files on a remote cloud storage server provides access from anywhere via the internet. Additionally, it also provides a centralized system for accessing other files like a co-workers’s documents when you’re working together.

  • Better Collaboration and no duplication

Better Collaboration and no duplication with cloud storage and digital files; you can work with others on the same documents and projects simultaneously, and when files are edited, a single version is updated to keep changes organized.

Editing paper documents requires printing out duplicates. If multiple people create and edit different copies of the same file, it’s easy to lose and miscommunicate data.

  • Simplified Data Backups

Whether it concerns about disasters like accidental file deletion or spilling your morning coffee on the computer sitting in your lap, with cloud storage you always have a backup of all your data stored on remote storage servers to fall back on.

In many cases, cloud storage systems have tools for automatic backups. You can upload and add new files immediately after creation. However, you can save spare copies of files manually if needed.

  • Subscription-Based for temporary needs

As a SaaS, cloud storage costs are subscription based and don’t require businesses needing to personally invest in any kind of equipment.

Besides the benefit of saving on up-front costs, cloud storage subscriptions can be cancelled and stopped. This makes them a flexible option for when work-from-home needs are constantly changing.

Even if you are a small business, it can take a massive amount of time to manually manage all the security parameters needed to protect collaborative data. This time-consuming, complex task is even more complicated for anyone that is in the process of digitally transforming their workspaces. Thankfully, we can help!

TietoEVRY has partnered with AvePoint to provide customers with secure collaboration solutions using Microsoft 365

TietoEVRY have partnered with AvePoint, one of the largest Microsoft 365 data management independent software vendor (ISV), to secure and protect Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Read fact sheet about the most complete cloud-to-cloud backup solution in the market here.

Petr Magula
Senior Product Manager


Petr Magula

Senior Product Manager

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