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Manage your bias, build inclusive teams

Because diversity and equality in the workplace are Tieto’s core values and a strategic priority, we are continuously working to improve equal opportunities.

Anders Wallin / April 26, 2019

But what is our role in this respect as leaders? This spring, I was among the first Tieto leaders to participate in the Inclusive Leadership training piloted in Sweden.

It is Tuesday morning and I notice that my calendar is full for the entire day. "Inclusive Leadership" is on the agenda for the morning. Because the training will be hosted locally on-site in Stockholm, I take the opportunity to attend the session face-to-face.

Who needs Inclusive Leadership training?

Inclusive Leadership training is something that other people need, I think to myself, because I don't have any biases. In fact, we don't have any "norms" at Tieto – right? At least, I don't know anything about my colleagues' religion, or marital or financial status, so we don't have a problem with inclusion, right?

One training session later, I find myself re-evaluating that statement. It turns out that our biases are often unconscious, and most of us have a few that we may not be aware of. So this training is needed by all of us.

From unconscious bias to a truly inclusive workplace

I want Tieto to be a great place to work for everybody. As a company in an industry that already has a substantial labour shortage, we need to find ways of including more people and making use of all the available talent. I strongly believe that our staff are one of our key differentiators on the market. And people make the Tieto brand.

Initiatives such as this training session, where we created transparency and raised our shared awareness in the company, are the right way to create a truly inclusive workplace.

Inclusive Leadership training is mandatory for all leaders in Sweden and will be available for other Tieto countries after the summer.

Anders Wallin
Head of TSM Industrial and Consumer Services, Sweden, Tieto

Anders’ passion is our customers, building trust and fostering an open and respectful environment to help people grow.


Anders Wallin

Head of TSM Industrial and Consumer Services, Sweden, Tieto

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